Coach, Ty, And Doctor
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I was rushing to get my shorts on while the doc was outside the waiting room knocking on the door trying to get into the exam room. The coach rushed me along to get my clothes back on after fucking me really hard and good! The coach ran to the door of the exam room and opened it up to the surprise of Doc PhingerPhuk, he knew something was going on between the coach and Ty. After a few comments from the Doc, he asked to hope onto the exam table were he proceeded to check my eyes, nose, throat and listen to my heart. Since this was an endurance physicals sports exam, he had me do some extra tests and proceded to examine my prostrate. I never had my prostrate examined like that and it felt really good. It felt even better with the coach jerking me off and trying to get me hard. Although I was soft, it still felt really good having the docs finger messaging my prostrate and the coach jerking and sucking my cock. It felt really strange and wierd having my coach have me go through this type of exam. Then the doctor wanted to test my stamina some more and he inserted a butt plug into my tight boyhole and that hurt a bit and I guess all this ass play made it difficult to get my dick hard...but the doc wasn't so angry or upset about my cock. I guess he focus was on my tight jock asshole. The doc removed the butt plug and then got me ready for the electro butt plug...which he inserted into my hole. He started the electro device and at first I didn't feel anything, but as the doc turned up the juice, it felt as if someone was fucking me in the ass....the doc then placed some pads on my inner thighs and that messaged my lower area even more....but most of all I really enjoyed having my coach suck and jerk my cock again. After some electro fucking, the doc removed the instruments from my ass and reguested that I give him a sperm sample. I got hard really quick and the doc and the coach were taking turns sucking and jerking and passing my cock between the both of them waiting for me to blow my hot felt really good having the docs hand wrapped around my hard throbbing cock and it was really hot having the coach mouth sucking on my cock. I grabbed my cock and pumped it up and down and blew my load for my coach and doc as they both watched as streams of hot cum was releasing from my cock!

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