Coach & Ty
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I had some time so I decided to bring Ty into the doctors office for his sports exam. I'm the new head coach and I'm in charge of the schools sports department. Ty is trying out for the basketball team and I wanted to make sure that he gets into the clinic for his sports physical. The doctor showed us the exam room and had us wait for him since the clinic is really busy this time of year. The college campus was in full swing and many of the students are getting sick, needing sports exams and such so the doctor was really taking his time. While waiting, Ty tells me he's been to this clinic before and the doctors have sex with the patients. Being new to this school, I was a bit shocked and amazed that this was happening. As Ty was telling me this, he was stroking his cock through his basketball shorts. I have to admit, I was getting turned on by Ty's big bulge and I was very curious to see what was underneath those shorts. As Ty continued, he said coming to this particular clinic was a real turn and he was getting super horny. Perhaps something was in the air but I too couldn't help my self and I grabbed Ty's growing cock and starting stroking his cock. I removed his shorts and then proceeded to suck his cock and stroke his cock...I really enjoy my job now and having his hard throbbing cock in my mouth really made me want to cum. Ty was enjoying every moment of me sucking his cock. I had to be quick about it because I didn't want the doctor to come in and see what I've been doing. As I continued to suck his cock and it kept on growing, I took some lube and stroked his large thick cock. I took a firm hold and griped his cock and stroked it up & down and within moments, Ty came really hard and strong as spurts of hot boy cum was shooting out of his cock. I just love feeling a boys cock in my hand when he's cumming...the pulsating action and me being in control was a real turn on for me. After Ty came, I told him to clean up but I wasn't finished yet. Watch what I do to Ty in the next episode!

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