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Recently I seemed to have done something to my thigh muscle while I was doing some martial arts work during some practicing and ever sense then my leg has been causing me enough pain to make an appointment to see the doctor. I am not one to go to the Doc every time I get sick, so when I setup my appointment for the following day the Nurse instructed me to bring my insurance card with me for a current copy. When I arrived at the office the Nurse behind the counter instructed me that I would be seeing Dr. Topinbottom and that someone would be taking me back after I filled out the packet of information that they needed. They asked me all kinds of crazy questions on there, and after I was done they took me back to this very white exam room that had a couple of posters up on the walls. Nurse Cindy told me to take a seat anywhere and the Doc would be right in. Sitting on the huge exam table, as soon as I was comfortable Dr. Topinbottom came in. I explained to the Doc why I was in and what was wrong, he said that he would check me out carefully and also wanted to do a complete physical since it had been around three years since my last one. I didn't mind and actually it probably was good that he offered to do one. He started the exam by listening to my heart and lungs, looking into my eyes and ears, and then wanted to get my weight. He had me strip down to my underwear to get an almost exact measurement of my weight. Standing on the scale I actually weighed a little less than I thought I did. Getting back up on the exam table, the Doc wanted to check out my body for any tender areas. I leaned back and after Topinbottom put on a glove he started to feel around my lower abdomen. Working his way close to my dick, I assumed that my underwear would be coming off for this exam. The Doc slowed me down until he was ready for them to come off. I wasn't nervous being there at the Docs, and with him touching around my underwear my dick got pretty hard. The next part of the exam he said that he wanted to check my prostate, and I had it done once before when I was little because of an issue. So, I knew what he was going to do, and so after my ass was in place on the table Dr. Topinbottom stuck his finger into my hole. Even though I thought that I was ready for it, the intense sensation that shot through my body was still enough to make me loud and scrum. The Doc didn't stop. He just kept pulling and pushing his finger back into my butt, and I admitted to him that my other Doc never did that. Moving on to the next part of the exam he told me that he was going to be doing an oral exam, and I didn't know what that really meant. He remained sitting with his head kind of between my legs and asked if I was ready. As soon as I responded he swallowed my dick and was giving me a blow job. What the hell? Who does that? Dr. Topinbottom seemed to be very good at giving head, and one thing that I didn't tell him was that my dick happens to be very sensitive. I was only able to take him sucking on my dick for so long, because of the sensitive feeling was rushing through my body. So, the Doc stopped when I started to move around a bunch. He then stroked my dick lightly and said that he wanted to get a sample and that he would be helping with the extracting. As he jerked my dick I didn't really know if I would be able to get off with the Doc doing it just because he didn't touch me like I wanted to be touched or did at home. It however did seem to be a little better once he started to use some lube, and I finally did tell Dr. Topinbottom to let me take over until I get closer. I jerk my dick closer to the base and with slower motions that seem to do the trick. Before I knew it I let him know that I was going to be shooting my load. The Doc tried reaching in to take over, but it was already too late. I had shot my load up my chest and it had been a while since the last time I got off, so it wasn't a shocker of how much was there. Dr. Topinbottom said that he was going to take a sample and give me some stuff to get cleaned up. He then asked if I would make an appointment on the way out to come back and see him for a follow-up appointment to do more of an endurance test. Guess I will be back . . .

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