Austin Electro Exam
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I went back into the clinic like Dr. Toppinbottom asked the last time I was in to see him. The request that he had was that I come in after an extensive workout so that he could look me over. As soon as I got to the clinic the nurse took me right back to one of the exam rooms and said that the Doc was right behind her. Dr. Toppinbottom asked me what kind of exercises I had just finished doing. I gave him the run down, and then he wanted to listen to my heart. After that he asked me if I had heard about the electro stimulation that they do in the clinic. When I told him that I have heard nothing, he said that it's a painless procedure and that most people say that it's more pleasurable. Dr. Toppinbottom showed me a couple of straps and then said that they would go around my cock, one towards the bottom and the other at the top. Then, they will pass some electro currents through my penis to stimulate it, and he would see if I was able to get off that way. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to get shocked. I dropped my swim trunks and hopping back onto the exam table. He said that my dick had to be hard in order for him to begin the procedure. To get me hard the Doc was going to give me an oral procedure, and that was his fancy way of saying that he was going to give me head. As he deep-throated my cock several times in a row I told him that he was doing a great job. Plus, made the remark that he had to love his job, and Dr. Toppinbottom said that he didn't go through 7 years of medical school for nothing. By then he said my dick was hard enough and he reached for a bottle of lube. Stroking my dick a couple of times with the lube he then, put on the straps around my dick. Turning the machine on lightly it started to send these tiny tingling sensations through my cock. It was a slow process, but after a while I told the Doc that he could turn it up. That's when I noticed that my dick was getting hard without anyone even touching it. I was starting to believe that someone could actually get off and have an orgasm with this machine without someone even touching them. My dick even started to bounce around from all the sensations. Dr. Toppinbottom placed his hand on my thigh and slowly worked its way up towards my cock. He then started to massage my dick with both hands very lightly and as he did this I couldn't help, but moan from all that I was feeling. Looking down at the head of my cock it was HUGE, and I knew that I was getting closer to getting off. I just needed the Doc to keep up the stroking that he was doing and to let the machine do its work. I let him know when I was about to cum and then sure enough I shot my load and it dribbled all down the side of my dick. After that my dick was very sensitive and started to go down in size. He told me that I went through the full endurance test, but that there happens to be a phase two. Come to find out as he gave me the details that it was an anal exam, and that I had to move down towards the end of the exam table with my ass on the edge. To be continued . . . .

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