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Recently our swim team got a new coach and he happens to be a complete dick, and he at random would pick different teammates to go get cleared by the clinic to compete in any of our meets. Sure enough towards the end of one practice the coach pointed right at me, and told me to go get checked out. I didn't want to wait to go, because I didn't want to take a chance that I couldn't do a walk-in appointment. I grabbed my towel and walked just across the way, because it was just the next building over. The nurse at the check-in counter was able to get me right in and from there she took me back to one of the exam rooms. Dr. Toppinbottom came in and introduced himself to me and looked over my chart. Starting with some general questions that then lead into the actual exam, and the first thing he did was listen to my heart and lungs. Then, I had to hop on the scale, but since I was in my swim briefs, my weight was right on. After that he looked in my ears, eyes, and throat for anything that would be alarming. Putting on a rubber glove he told me that he was going to do some palpations and he started around my lower abdominal area. From there he worked his way down and underneath my swim gear. The Doc worked his way around my dick and balls, before asking me to stand and drop them to the floor. Once I was standing there naked he looked over each ball very carefully, and my shaft. I had to turn my head and cough a few times, but that's normal with a physical. It was then that Dr. Toppinbottom told me that he needed to collect a small sample from me and to do that he needed to get me stimulated. The Doc took my dick in his mouth and started to give me a blow job. What part that caught my attention the most was that he was actually very good at it. Using a combination of his mouth and hand my cock was hard and I was getting close to having an orgasm. Watching the Doc service my cock was hot and he seemed to enjoy having my cock in his mouth. After a while Dr. Toppinbottom just jerked me off with his rubber glove hand and it was going really well, until things started to dry up. However, the lube bottle was within his reach so that made all the worlds difference. I let him know that I about to cum, and then I came shooting my load right onto my stomach. Right after I was finished he told me that my insurance was denied and would not cover this exam, but he had something in mind that I could do to cover it. In the back of my mind I was thinking that he would want extra money or something, I looked over and Dr. Toppinbottom dropped his pants. Standing there with his semi-hard cock in his hand he wanted me to suck his cock without really saying the words. I hopped off the table and he took my place. Grabbing the Doc's cock and putting it in my mouth I started to suck and the Doc's cock was hard. My only hope was that he would be easy to get off, so that I could be on my way. I moved my head all around and I stroked him off using my spit from the oral. He let me know that he was getting close and I jerked him off even faster with my hand. He let me know that he was getting close and he shot his load all over himself. His load was huge! After that he said that I needed to do some kind of an endurance test in a couple of days and to make a follow-up appointment.

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