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I was in several months ago for one of the clinic's paid experiments and ever since then I haven't been able to cum. My dick will get hard and I can do everything else, but I can't seem to reach an orgasm and cum. It started at first happening every once in awhile and then increased to every time I jerked off or had sex. Finally, I just got so frustrated with my body, that I called the clinic up and made an appointment to go in and see the doctor. Sure enough the Doc that I was seeing was Dr. Phingerphuck the one that I did the experiment with. I explained the situation to him and he seemed to think that it was pretty easy to fix. He took down some general information and then asked me to remove my shirt. He listened to my heart and lungs for a minute, and then took my blood pressure. Afterward he said that it was a little high, but I told him that I had a cigarette before I came in. Next, the Doc asked me to take off my shoes and pants in order to take my weight. Standing on the scale in my underwear I was facing the wall away from the doctor and when he called out my weight it was a little less than I thought I weighed. Taking a seat back down on the exam table the Doc put on a pair of gloves in order to feel around my abdominal area. After that he asked me to drop my underwear so that he could examine my dick. Looking around my cock he found the tender area from stroking way too much, I actually created a burn on my penis. The Doc reached for a set of tools that he said could be used in helping relieve the buildup, but he told me not to worry because he wasn't going to use them yet. He asked how I like to jerk off at home with our without lube, and I told him that most the time with. He told me he was going to try a technique that I could use at home. Applying some lube to his hand the Doc started to stroke my dick and used both hands to rub it up and down. The more that his hands had contact with my dick the harder I got. Reaching off to the side he grabbed something and that's when I discovered that it was a tape measure. He told me that I was 6.5 inches thick and 7 inches long. I figured I was bigger than that, but by the time he took the measurement I had already started going down in size. Dr. Phingerphuck resumed stroking my dick and getting me hard. He actually got my dick to precum a bit, and then he did something I never tried. He slapped my dick! Different, but whatever works right? He had me work on keeping myself hard, and he pulled out some foot things for me to use. With my ass on the edge of the table he told me that he was going to use a tool that was going to massage my prostate. Relaxing and keeping my head back I didn't really know what he had in his hand. Then, I felt a pressure at my asshole. Dr. Phingerphuck put this instrument in my ass and then continued to jerk me off. He added one more thing to his techniques and that was this rubber tool that went over my penis. Using lots of lube it had a different feel too it, but I have to say that it had a feeling like a vagina. I was building up more and more towards having an orgasm and I just told myself to relax and go with it. The Doc used both hands to jerk me off still, and with that thing in my ass I have to say that it felt pretty good. Taking the tool off my dick, I took over jerking off and with some extra lube I knew that if everything went right I was about to shoot a load. Phingerphuck used a vibrator tool on me and rubbed it around my ass and just below my balls. I told him that I was about to cum, and then cum went sprayed all over me, my hands, and on the doctor's glove. When the Doc inspected it, he found that some of the cum was from deep within my prostate which was a good thing. Hopefully after the visit and the next time I have sex or jerk off I will be able to finish.

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