Anthony Electro Exam
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I was still having some issues with my constipation and rather than put up with it even longer, I made an appointment to go back and see the Dr. Phingerphuck. When I showed up for my appointment I didn't have to wait as long since I did most of the paperwork the last time I was there. Nurse Cindy took me back to an exam room and told me that the Doc would be right in. Dr. Phingerphuck knocked and came right in, asking how things were going. I told him that I tried the coffee that he suggested the last time, but that just make me hyper. He said that there is a technique he could use with electro shock and working with the muscles to get them to relax. I was completely down for whatever he could do to make me more comfortable, and since I was going to be naked I asked him if he would just try using the rods that he told me about the last time I was in. Dr. Phingerphuck said that wouldn't be a problem and was a little shocked by my interest. The Doc had me take off my shirt and he listened to my heart rate to make sure things were okay. After that he told me to drop my pants and get into my underwear. Taking a seat on the table, Dr. Phingerphuck started to feel around my lower abdominal area and could tell that I was doing better, but that there was still some blockage going on that was causing me the discomfort. He had me remove my underwear and decided to start with using the rods that I asked for first. He went into detail about their use, and prepared to insert the first one. The Doc put restraints on my arms to keep them from reacting to the rods. Starting very slowly and carefully insert the tip of the rod in my pee hole. I have to admit that it was more painful for me to watch than the feeling. After a while there was a slight burning sensation, but that seemed to go away with time. The best part, of course was when he used this vibrating tool that caused this amazing sensation deep inside my dick. Dr. Phingerphuck called it "sounding". After that he took it out and asked if I wanted to go bigger. He asked what size I wanted to go with, and I really didn't know. I jumped for something that looked to be about in the middle. Okay, now that got my attention and it was hard to focus on anything else in the room as this big piece of metal is going down your pee hole very slowly. However, the deeper it went the better the sensation got. I asked Dr. Phingerphuck if we could try using just the vibration tool instead to put down my hole to see what that felt like, and so he prepared it with lots of jelly. Turning it on, he worked its way down inside me and all I thought about was if I could really do something like that on my own at home. The Doc said I could if I used patience, and good sterilization in order to keep things clean. After that experiment the Doc was ready to get to what I came in for and he showed me the tool that was going to go in my ass. It looked like an average size dildo, and it gets hooked up to a machine that sends electronic impulses into it. Once Dr. Phingerphuck had my asshole ready he began to work its way in, and it was uncomfortable at first. Once it was in I felt a little concerned that it was going to go either deep into my ass, or that it might accidently push right out. The Doc reassured me that it would be fine and it would stay in place. The final thing he did was placed some sticky pads to the bottom of my ass cheeks and then turned the machine on. As my ass was getting shocked I felt like maybe I would get a muscle toning workout at the same time. Dr. Phingerphuck said that since I enjoyed the last exam so much he was going to repeat something. He pulled out the pocket pussy that he used and started to jerk me off with it. I warned the Doc that it might not take me long to get off with everything that I was feeling and he said that was okay, just to give him a working. It was only about a minute or so before I started to have an orgasm. Cum dribbled out of the toy and all over the Docs hand. Reaching over to the side he turned the toys off from vibrating and then got down to take the toy out of my ass. I was nervous, but just let it slide right out. I told Dr. Phingerphuck that I felt better, and he was glad he could help. He told me to make another appointment if I wanted to explore my curiosity.

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