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I was feeling a little constipated and it seemed like I just couldn't get regular, so I made an appointment to go in to see the doctor at the local school clinic. The doctor that I saw for my appointment was Dr. Phingerphuck and he started by having me remove my shirt so that he could listen to my heart and lungs. After that he gave me a short and to the point lecture about smoking and then moved on to taking my blood pressure. The Doc said that I was running a little high with my blood pressure, but that could be just from my nerves. He asked me to take off my pants and then he resumed with checking out my ears and mouth. I noticed that there was a weird tool on his table, and I asked what it was just in case that was going to be used on me. He told me that it was used to clear blockages in the penis, good thing I asked. After Dr. Phingerphuck got down with taking my weight he had me take off my underwear when I hopped up onto the table. The Doc started to feel around my lower abdominal area and could tell right away that I was blocked up. He examined my dick and then my balls carefully for anything out of the ordinary. Afterward, he had me get up and turn around, and as I was facing the wall Phingerphuck instructed me to bend over the exam table. That's where he applied some lube to my asshole just before he stuck a finger inside. It was a very uncomfortable feeling at first, giving me a rush sensation of pressure back there. Then, the Doc worked his way up to putting two fingers in at a time. By him doing this, it was going to loosen my hole up to allow him to use some instruments. Getting up onto the table and being on my knees, Dr. Phingerphuck told me the tool he was going to us was going to allow him to see into my asshole. It was very cold, because of it being metal and it just felt uncomfortable. After that he grabbed this kind of plug looking thing, but at least it was rubber and had some give to it. The more that he messed around with putting things in my ass the less the pressure seemed to get, which was a big plus for me. With all the different tools the Doc used the one that looked like a penis sure seemed to go the deepest into my ass, which really had me moan. Using this horse-shoe shaped toy he inserted it into my ass and then turned it on. Holding it into place he had me turn around and sit on it to hold it in place. Dr. Phingerphuck used some lube and played with my dick and then once I was hard he started to jerk me off. Rocking back and forth on the toy that was in my ass, it really did feel like I was getting fucked. The Doc took this rubber tool, which he didn't tell me the name of. My guess was a pocket pussy and jerked me off with it. It was great and as he used it, he concentrated on the tip of my penis. As I started to have an orgasm I let him know that I was going to cumming. He let the tip of my cock out of the top of the toy and then I came. Cum shot right out onto the floor in front of me and I felt great. Next, Phingerphuck had to take the toy out of my ass, and then my body was just completely relaxed. The Doc looked at my asshole one more time and seemed to think that what he did would do the trick for my constipation. However, to make sure everything worked for sure he told me to drink a pot of coffee when I got home. Otherwise, I was to call him to let him know.

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