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I made an appointment to go to the school clinic to see one of the doctor's there. It's embarrassing to admit, but recently my acne has acted up, and I wanted to see if maybe I could get something from the doctor to make it clear up a little easier. This way I will feel a little more confident when I go out in public to meet friends and date. I met Dr. Phingerphuck who was going to help me find some ways to take care of my issue, and to do that he wanted to look me over. He started by taking down some general information and then he had me remove my shirt. The Doc listened to my heart rate first and then he took my blood pressure. After he looked in my ears, eyes, and throat he had me remove my pants and shoes. I was left in just my underwear, so that Dr. Phingerphuck could get my weight. The Doc then explained to me that I needed to start increasing the amount of water that I take in to flush my body, and to stay away from fatty, fried foods. I leaned back onto the table and Phingerphuck used his hands to check for any tender areas on my chest and down to my lower stomach. Afterward he checked out my legs and did some bending exercises with them to see how flexible I was. The Doc discovered that I had some bad acne on my upper back and asked how my stress levels were. I told him that they were high with school, and he recommended getting some light sun and doing some relaxing techniques. Dr. Phingerphuck told me that he discovered this family remedy for clearing up facial acne and that was to use a cum treatment. When the Doc asked if I would be open to giving it a try, I was open to whatever he had that would make my skin clearer. Phingerphuck was going to show me how to do it, and to begin he had me drop my underwear. Dr. Phingerphuck started to exam my dick and said that he was going to start doing a massage that I could repeat at home. All I had to do was relax and enjoy the treatment, and with that the Doc applied some lube. Lightly he stroked my dick in an upward motion and my dick was getting harder, but my nerves were still pretty high with this being the first time that I let a guy touch me in that way. Phingerphuck removed his gloves so that he could use his bare hands, and so I tensed up a little bit like I do at home and then my cock was getting hard. The feeling seemed to get better when he pumped faster and I couldn't help, but moan lightly. He told me to release it whenever I was ready to cum, and so I just held back as long as I could. When he stroked me off as fast as he was, he used his other hand to rub just above my cock to get me more turned on. I let him know that I was getting close and sure enough I came shooting my load onto my stomach in several squirts. What the doctor did felt amazing, and I was completely relaxed at that point. After that he put on a new pair of gloves, and then he started applying the cum to my face in the different areas. He told me to do it once a day and put it on just like a mask for about an hour before I would take a shower. I will try it again tomorrow and see how it helps to clear up my skin. He had me get cleaned up while he wrote me a prescription and that I could setup a follow-up appointment for the following week if I felt I needed it.

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