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My neck was bothering me and I don't know what I did to it, but every way I turned it seemed to cause sharp pains to shoot through my body. I setup an appointment to go in to see the doctor at the local clinic for later that afternoon. Nurse Cindy took me back to one of the exam rooms and Dr. Topinbottom was already in there waiting for me. I told him what I was feeling and he wanted to get started by just doing a physical and checking my body overall. He had me take off my shirt, and listened to my chest, and then had me set back on the table. Helping to undo my pants as soon as he had my pants unbuttoned I thought that maybe something was wrong when he put on a pair of gloves. He reached down underneath my boxers and started to feel around for any swelling. That was when he gave me the orders to strip out of my clothes. He examined my skin very closely and looked all around my cock and balls. Probably the most interesting part was when he had me put my butt further down on the table and started to spread my asshole wide open. He said that he wanted to take a deeper look and to do that he took my dick into his mouth and started to suck. When Dr. Topinbottom said that he wanted to go inside, I didn't exactly know what he meant by that. He applied some liquid to his hand and then very quickly he moved to putting his finger in my asshole. It felt good, but a little odd as well at the same time. Continuing with the fingering, the Doc also sucked my dick getting me even more turned on. My dick was raging hard Dr. Topinbottom concentrating on fingering my asshole, and changed up the pace in doing it. Looking down at me, I asked him if he wouldn't mind going back to sucking on my dick as well. He did and I couldn't help, but asked if he liked what he was sucking on. If one thing was for sure the Doc knew how to use his mouth. Licking and on my balls and pumping my dick in his hand this was great. After a while I had my legs close together and he kept fingering my hole and would take a break from time to time. He asked me if he could use two fingers, and I told him that he could use five if he wanted. Inserting the second one into my asshole it sent a burst of adrenaline through my body. I can't help from moaning. I am a moaner when it comes to sex and I think that guys get off on listening to it. When Dr. Topinbottom went to using two fingers he went very deep in my ass and then started to wiggle them around. This caused me to start to jump around and as he did it he licked the tip of my cock. I grabbed both sides of the table I was sitting on to keep from jumping off. The Doc told me he wanted a sample and he took his gloves off to jerk me off. My dick was getting sensitive and ready to explode. Using two hands he used a bunch of different techniques and when I told him that I was about to shoot my load he lowered his face down to my dick. I thought he was just taking a closer look, but discovered that I was giving him a facial. That was hot to see my load on his face just dripping off. After that treatment, my neck was much better and Dr. Topinbottom told me to come in the following day for a follow appointment.

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