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I needed to make some extra money to pay bills, because my hours keep getting cut and my paychecks are getting smaller. Looking in the help wanted section of the college newspaper I saw that a clinic was looking for students to do some medical experiments with great compensation. Giving them a call they told me that they were trying out a new experimental sexual drug and that they needed healthy participants to take part in the study. We setup a time for me to go into the clinic, and the first thing that I had to do was sign a whole bunch of waivers saying that if something went wrong that I couldn't sue the clinic. It didn't matter at this point I needed the money. As soon as they had all the paperwork done, I was taken back to one of the exam rooms and was told to take a seat. Moments later Dr. Dick walked in and introduced himself. He saw on the chart that I was going to take part in the study for the drug, and the first thing that he did was take down some basic health information from me. Dr. Dick started with taking down my age, 23, my weight, 160 pounds, and that I like to work out. Listening to my heart and lungs just from the sound he could tell that I played some kind of a sport. I told him that I am a runner, but that I also like to swim when I can. Palpating my stomach basically he was looking for any sore or tender areas on my body. His hands worked their way around my chest and stomach. The Doctor proceeded to undo my belt and pants so that he could feel around the lower part of my waist. It was at this point when Dr. Dick explained that the clinic had come up with a drug that could make straight guys attracted to guys, and now they were trying to come up with something that would do the opposite. On my sheet I had to mark my sexuality and it was because I was gay that I got chosen to participate in the study. When the Doc was finished he told me to stand up and drop my pants, so that he could check my genitals. There I was standing in my underwear, while the doctor proceeded to put on a pair of rubber gloves. Reaching back inside the top of my underwear he pushed down on my lower abdominal area, and then proceeded with pulling my briefs down. With a very light touch he slowly started to examine my dick and then my balls for anything abnormal. Taking a firm grip on my balls he had me turn my head and cough, and then repeat in the other direction. I was instructed to take a seat on the table and he started to move my dick around and almost got a sense that he was playing with it. Pulling on it, pushing down on it, and just touching it all over. Dr. Dick explained that he wanted to make sure that everything was working properly, and so he started to jerk me off in a slow, teasing manner. My cock went from limp to hard on a slow steady growth until I had a raging boner. Once I was fully hard Dr. Dick took off his gloves and as he jerked me off he used little motions. In a way it was kind of like teasing my cock, in that I would get a rush sensation over my body like I wanted him to speed up to get me to cum. However, things just kept building up, so I let him know that I was getting close just in case he wanted me to take over. It was only a moment later that I started to cum, shooting bursts of cum into the air. As I came, I think the Doctor was impressed at how much I shot all over myself. Afterward he handed me some towels to clean up, and told me that he was glad that everything worked fine. The next thing that I had to do was take a sample of the serum, and wait to see what happens. Dr. Dick told me that I might experience some light headedness and body sweats, but that they should go away shortly. Swallowing the liquid, it tasted nasty! Dr. Dick said that Dr. Dallas one of the new Docs on staff would be in shortly to proceed with the next part of the study.

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