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Just as Keith and I were getting our underwear back on, Nurse Ajay walked into the room and asked what we were doing. Both of us responded that we were doing an experiment with Dr. Phingerphuck and the Nurse said he was going to go check with the Doc. Upon his return both Keith and I were sitting down just saying how awkward that was. Nurse Ajay said that he was going to perform a normal physical on us. He started with asking how we felt and if the drug was working. Joking around both of us said that we still felt gay, and horny. Taking down our stats and information, he started with doing some tests on Keith first. Listening to his lungs, heart, and taking his blood pressure. When Nurse Ajay wanted to making sure that everything below the belt was working correctly. Keith stripped out of his underwear, and Ajay started to examine his dick. Pulling and stretching it, he told Keith to relax, and continued touching his cock. After a moment the Nurse told him to take over jerking off and I started to kiss and rub Keith all over to see if I could help. Nurse Ajay's hands were rubbing Keith's legs, and it started to move down in between them. That was when I noticed that the Nurse was fingering Keith's tight hole to get him aroused. Keith was moaning just like he did at home, and it seemed like at any moment he was going to blow his load. The Nurse tried taking his finger out, but Keith seemed to do better when he had a finger in his butt. Keeping with it, Keith just kept up the same pace. All of a sudden he started to yell out, "oh fuck!" That was when we knew he reached his climax, cum started to squirt out of Keith's cock landing on his leg, and hand. The Nurse didn't give him much time to catch his breath before he had me get up on the exam table. He explained to me that he was going to have me do the same thing that Keith went through. As he checked me out, the Nurse said that it seemed like the medicine seemed to have no effect on us. That was when Ajay said that maybe we were just too gay for it to work. As the Nurse started to touch me, and rub my dick I was getting turned on. Probably, since our appointment was taking so long, Nurse Ajay told Keith to help him out with getting me turned on. We started to kiss and were doing our thing, and Keith decided that he would just start to give me oral, something that always seems to do the trick. Right when my dick had gotten hard, that was when Nurse Ajay wanted to take over giving me head and had Keith and I do some more kissing. I do have to say that the Nurse seemed very good at swallowing a cock, but he would take a break every so often. The best part was when the two of them started licking and sucking on my dick at the same time. I had never had two guys on my cock at once before. It was great! The next thing Ajay wanted to try was some horseshoe shaped toy that was going to massage my prostate. Even though it seemed a little odd, I wanted to get paid everything that they said that we would. So, I allowed him to continue. Getting into position I had to move my ass and body around on the exam table, and applied lubed up my ass. Inserting it slowly, I could feel it in my body rubbing up against my prostate just like he said it would. Then, he turned the stimulator on, and he gave me the okay to shoot my load whenever I was ready. I would have to tell you that it was amazing, and the Nurse even started to fuck me with it. After a while, Nurse Ajay took it out so that I could concentrate on just jerking off. My dick was as hard as a rock, so I know it would be any minute until I was ready to get off. As I started to have my orgasm, my body started to shake, my breathing changed, and I started to moan. When I came, it was more like a dribble and ran down the side of my cock than shooting all over my stomach like before. Since we were able to both get off, the Nurse said he wanted us to come back the following day just to make sure that we weren't any side effects from the experiment.

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