Keith & Austin Oral Fun
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While my boyfriend Keith and I were waiting for the doctor to come in to continue the next part of the medical experiment I couldn't help, but notice that my body was starting to feel different. I felt really warm, and getting very horny. Keith mentioned that the syrup was supposed to make us want to have sex with girls. All I could think about was getting my dick sucked, and I told Keith that I wanted him to give me a blow job. He was very happy to suck my dick. Honestly, he loves to do it. We started to kiss and make out as I stripped out of my underwear and played with my dick. Slowly he kissed his way down to my chest and stomach to my dick. Putting my dick in his mouth, Keith started to suck on my cock. He likes to tease me by pausing while giving me head and will just lick the tip of my dick leaving me hanging. I LOVE when he deep-throats my cock and takes his time in coming back up. I have always been a moaner and a talker in bed, and that has been something that adds to our sex life. Keith and I have a great sex life and we do it all the time. I do have to say that we like to try daring things sometimes, like having sex at a park, or in a changing room in a department store. Being in the doctor�s office reminded me about this one time when we were traveling on a road trip together. It was our first trip together since we had started dating. We drove for a couple of hours, and ended up putting up a tent for us to sleep in for the night. Well, of course when things got dark we got a little frisky in the tent and we fucked each other twice. We were very vocal in telling each other to fuck and suck harder, and then when we ran out of steam we fell asleep in each other's arms. The next morning when we woke up and got out of the tent to pee, we noticed that there was another couple out having some coffee only about 50 yards or so away from us. Keith and I both just kind of laugh and thought maybe they enjoyed the entertainment. So, being in the exam room and messing around was hot to the two of us, just because at any moment the doctor could walk in on us. Continuing to suck on my dick Keith was doing an amazing job serving my cock. He even made a comment that he wished my cock was inside him. I told him after a while that I wanted to see the two of us get off together and he was down for it. The two of us got on the table next to each other and jerked off. Keith was watching me stroke my dick and I really was just waiting, because I always like to watch Keith have his orgasm first. The two of us were jerking off with a handful of lube and watching one another. It took a while, but finally Keith started to get a little more vocal and he shot his load out onto his leg, and on the table. That was better than the load he shot the night before. He hopped off the table and I got more into a laying down position. Keith leaned down to kiss me and it was only seconds later that I shot my load on my stomach. The two of us had to act quickly to get cleaned up and somewhat dressed before the doctor would walk in to start the next part of the exam.

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