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Kyle and I both had to go back to the clinic for hopefully our last visit, and it truly has been an interesting experience. The nurse led us back to the exam room where the two of us waited for Dr. Topnbottom to come in. Sure enough there was a knock at the door and he walked right in, closing the door behind him. Topnbottom said that he wanted to do a repeat of the exam from the last time, where there was some anal probing, oral exam, and getting a sample. The first thing that he wanted us to do was strip down to our underwear, and then the plan was to start with examining me. Both Kyle and I stripped down, and Kyle started to grab my cock. When the Doc told him that he could get a little rough, Kyle pulled my dick out and started to suck on it. Kyle was pretty good at deep-throating and getting my dick all the way in his mouth. While Kyle was busy, Topnbottom wanted to try something. Leaning in he started to lick my armpit and nipple a little bit. As soon as I was hard the Doc made us switch and for Kyle to get up on the table. I gave Kyle a blow job to get him hard, and while I was sucking on his dick. Out of the corner of my eye I seen that he was playing with the Doc's cock. I saw that after a while Kyle's hand got pushed away and I figured that the doctor was getting a little too excited. Wanting to trade places he had Kyle hop off the table and then he took a seat, pulling his pants down exposing his monster cock for us. Both Kyle and I traded off giving the Doc head and then pleasing him in other ways. To keep hard we both played with ourselves to keep our own cocks from going soft. Dr. Topnbottom would rub our backs, heads, and want us to continue. Pausing from giving head and trading off with Kyle when I looked up at the Doc, he pulled me close. That was when he started to lock lips with me and we were kissing. Right away, I noticed that he was a good kisser. Dr. Topnbottom was horny and graving sex, I had never seen him this way before. He handed Kyle a condom and told him to put it on. Without questioning Kyle did it, and the Doctor told Kyle to fuck him in the ass. Bending over the table, Kyle pushed his cock inside the Doc's tight hole. As Kyle worked his way into the hole, Dr. Topnbottom leaned forward and sucked on my cock. When it came to fucking I knew that Kyle likes to have it rough, and so he was showing that he likes to dish it out that way as well. He pounded the Doc's ass hard and deep. After a while he said that he wanted to switch and have me fuck him. I wanted the chance to get my cock up the Doc's ass, and fuck him like I had dreamed about. As we were fucking he leaned back towards me and we started to kiss again. While we were going at it he said that he wanted to fuck me, and he told me to hop up on the table. Trading places and getting up on the table, Dr. Topnbottom pushed his cock in my ass not really giving me a second to relax. Right away, he started to pound my ass with each push in. Holding one leg up in the air that made it easy for him to get deep inside me, and it was hot to feel his cock fill my hole. As he was fucking me, Kyle let out that he was going to cum, and sure enough he came shooting his load on my shoulder and arm. After that the Doc slowed down and it shouted out that he was about to cum. Pulling out he barely got the condom off fast enough, before he shot his load all over me. After that, I used some of his cum to jerk off with. I used two hands and all the strength in my body to get off. I let out that I was going to cum, and shot my load on my chest. I was hot, tired, and sweaty after all of that. The Doc said that we passed all the tests and that maybe he would see us in the future if we ever needed anything, but the studies were complete.

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