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I was starting to experience some pain in my legs just like I pulled the muscles in my thighs. After about two days that the pain wouldn't subside, I decided to make an appointment at the doctor's office to see if something was wrong or if they could do anything for the pain. When I made the appointment with Nurse Cindy, she told me that I would see one of the new doctors that was an intern. Showing up for my appointment I was taken into one of the exam rooms where I was introduced to Dr. Topinbottom. He was very nice, and right away wanted to get to what the problem was. To start he wanted to get some general information from me, and to a basic exam. My blood pressure was one of the first things that he took, and then from there he had me take off my shirt so that he could listen to my heart. After that he took a look in my throat having me stick out my tongue. Dr. Topinbottom had me remove my pants, and this was so that he could feel around my stomach. Sitting back on the exam table he started to feel around. Slowly his hands worked their way around and they began to go underneath my underwear. The Doc was touching around my dick and balls, and I could feel his hands pushing in and moving my package around. Having me stand up he had me remove my underwear and while I was standing he had me turn my head and cough a couple of times. He once again had me take a seat on the exam table and said that ejaculation can release endorphins that would cause my muscles to relax. The first thing that he wanted me to do was to get hard. I have to admit that it was pretty hard to sit there in front of the doctor and do my thing with him watching. However, I just tried to focus on the wall in front of me, and I was able to get my dick hard after a minute or so of jerking off. Reaching forward Dr. Topinbottom felt my dick in his hand and would give it a stroke here and there. He said that he was going to perform an oral exam, and from there we would see how things go. He lowered his mouth to my cock and placed it in his mouth. He took it in and was able to use a lot of spit which felt great, because he would use his hand every once in a while to jerk me off and with the glove on it ran up and down smoothly. Topinbottom seemed very good at giving head and like he has done this before. After a while though he got tired of giving me head, and just went to jerking me off with some lube. He stroked at a pretty constant speed and was actually able to go pretty fast for a long period of time. I have to admit that it takes me FOREVER in order to get off from only jerking off. I prefer to do fucking in order to speed things up. However, with a very tired arm, the Doc was able to get me close to cumming. I gave him a warning that I was getting close, and that was when I came right on my stomach. After I was done, Dr. Topinbottom felt both legs and determined that they still had way too much tension and that I needed to come in for another appointment the following day. On my way out of the office I stopped by the front desk and made an appointment with the nurse.

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