Karter James & Ajay
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Nurse Ajay came back into the exam room and said that the Dr. Rimmerman was too busy to finish the exam. Ajay was going to have to complete it and as he said that he walked right up to me and leaned forward kissing me. The kiss was a passionate one, and I could tell right away that Ajay was into me. While we were kissing his hand started to rub my chest, and then Ajay's lips broke free and his lips started to work their way down my body. Stopping at each nipple, he nibbled on each one, and then continued on south where he ended up at my cock. Putting it in his mouth he started to give me head and his mouth would just swallow my whole cock. The more that he did this the thicker I became. Nurse Ajay seemed to love my dick as he would lick every inch of it, and would put it in his mouth for long periods of time. After a minute, he stood up and said that he was going to get undressed. Once he was completely naked and standing next to me, he told me to relax and he started to adjust the exam table. Once Ajay had the table in a flat position he gave me the instructions to get on my knees and make sure that I didn't arch my back. He said that he needed to lubricate me in order to do a couple of the exams coming up. Dropping my hips even more he grabbed my ass, and I felt his tongue start to lick my asshole. As his face pressed into my ass cheeks, I couldn't help but moan. Pausing he took his finger and started to rub it around my asshole, almost teasing me for wanting more. I heard him say that now that I was lubed up and relaxed, so he was going to take my temperature. With that a moment later, I felt him insert something into my ass and he held on to the thermometer. After leaving it in for about a minute he pulled it out and said that I was normal. The next thing for him to do was dilate my rectum using a tool. Pressing the tool inward I could feel the tool enter my hole, and the Nurse made sure that I didn't feel any discomfort or pressure. It honestly wasn't that bad once it got it all the way in, just a little cold was all. Taking some part of the instrument out he was able to look deep inside my hole with a flashlight. After he was done, he took the tool out and then had me get back into a sitting position on the table. Sucking my cock again, Nurse Ajay gave me head to get me hard, and was good at it too. It only took him a moment before my cock was standing straight up. Using some doctor lingo, he basically said that he wanted me to fuck him to make sure that my dick was functioning properly. I couldn't really say anything because he handed me a condom to put on. Applying some lube to my dick, and his hole we were ready to begin. Nurse Ajay climbed up on the exam table over me and started to very slowly sit down on my cock. Inch by inch he was able to take it all in his ass and was completely sitting on my cock. From there, he started to move up and down picking up speed as he rode my dick. Trying to stay in a comfortable position he sat more forward, and we just kept fucking. That was until he started to slide more forward and felt like he was going to fall off the table. To switch things up we decided to try another position standing next to the exam table, where I bent Ajay over the table as I continued to fuck him. Holding onto his shoulder I was able to keep up a pretty steady rhythm and with every thrust in Ajay would moan louder. Getting more turned on Ajay stood up and we were fucking in more of a standing position. He turned his head, looked at me and we began to kiss once more. He seemed to be more passionate, in his kissing with a dick in his ass. Kissing the back of his neck as we fucked I was so turned on that I spanked Ajay a couple of times in the heat of the moment making him moan more. All of a sudden I knew that I was moments away from shooting my load. I pulled out and came on Ajay's back, covering his ass in cum. He quickly jumped up on the table and started to jerk off. I rubbed his body with my hand as he got closer to shooting his load. Sure enough he came as well right on his stomach, and he felt great afterward. Giving him a moment, he told me to get cleaned up and dressed, because Dr. Rimmerman would be in any moment to check on the exam and Ajay didn't want him to find out what we had done.

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