Karter James & Nurse
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Joining the schools swim team the couch told me that I had to complete a physical before I could compete in any competitions. He told me that I could just walk down to the school clinic and that they should be able to take me as a walk in. Going down there I had to sit in the waiting area forever before I was called back. Once they did, however call me back, Nurse Ajay came right into the exam room and said that he was going to be doing my physical. Right away, he started taking down my information. I was 18 years old, 6'2", and 161 pounds. The first thing that he did was take my blood pressure, and then I had to take off my shirt for the Nurse. Ajay listened to different areas on my chest, when he touched my skin his hand was a little cold. Before he checked my tonsils he put on pair of gloves and looked into my mouth. The nurse seemed very good as he went through everything that was on his list. Laying back on the table the Nurse started checking the different areas around my upper body by pressing down with his hands to apply some pressure. He said that he was looking for any tender areas, but I felt fine and had nothing to bring to his attention. As he worked his hands just below the waist band of my shorts, he told me that he was going to take them off to continue on. Adjusting the table for me to be more comfortable he pulled my shorts down and started to feel under my briefs a little bit. Then, he said that he was going to remove them. Pulling them off, he started to touch my cock and balls examining them all over and looking for anything that would stand out to him. Nurse Ajay said that he was going to make sure that everything was working properly and so he started to pull up on my dick. As he did this my cock started to get harder. It was kind of weird having this part happen, considering that I never had a person do this much touching at the doctor's office. Ajay asked me if it would be better with or without the gloves, and I told him probably to take them off. He went back to stroking my dick and made a comment about how big it was getting. As I was almost completely hard, he said that he was going to put it in his mouth. What was I going to say, no? I had to pass the physical to stay on the team and compete. Putting my cock in his mouth, the Nurse started to give me a blow job. I watched him, because I wanted to see how much he was going to be able to put in his mouth. He ran his mouth up and down the shaft getting me turned on. He would do a combination of jerking me off, sucking, and rubbing my body. Pumping my dick pretty fast it usually takes me a while to get off at home. Ajay was able to keep going though at the same speed. Pulling on my balls and playing with them at the same time. At one point he even slipped his finger down south and touched my hole for a second. That was when I started to have an orgasm and make a bunch of noise. Pointing my dick downwards he kept stroking and I started shooting my load. I came right on the exam table and Ajay squeezed my cock with every pump to get all the cum out. With everything working properly he said that he was going to clean everything up so that the Doctor didn't find out. Finding some paper towels he wiped the bench and me off. Then, he grabbed the clipboard and said that he was going to go grab the Doc. I was left there waiting on the table naked with my dick hanging out.

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