Ty Tucker
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I got a phone call from Dr. Rimmerman and he wanted me to come in to see him at the clinic, for another appointment. When I called the clinic back it was like they already had a time for me to go in. I showed up, and the nurse took me back to the room and told me to strip down to my underwear and hop up on the table. She said that Dr. Rimmerman would be right in to see me. Sure enough it wasn't a minute later that the knock at the door was the doctor himself. He said that he was glad to see me again, but that he wanted to wait to explain everything until Nurse Ajay came in. When Ajay came into the room Dr. Rimmerman asked him about his report and why he didn't have any notes down. Well, I knew why, but wasn't going to say that it was because Ajay had a mouth full of my cock. Rimmerman explained that Nurse Ajay was kind of in my shoes before and that was until he started exploring and finding his sexuality. The two of them were going to help me do some more exploring and see what they could help me work out. First thing that needed to be done was have my briefs come off, and so I stepped off the table to strip down. Sitting back on the exam table I relaxed as Nurse Ajay grabbed my dick and started to suck on it. The Doc stepped in close and rubbed my chest with his hand, and started to lick my nipple. Both guys were giving me attention at the same time, and all I had to do was sit there and enjoy. Dr. Rimmerman stripped off his shirt, and took a seat on the edge of a stool. There he had me play with his dick which was hung. When I got to feel his actually dick in my hand, as he got harder my hand could pump more. The more that I got turned on from all the action the harder my cock got as well. Ajay stopped sucking my dick for a moment and said that he wanted to show me another skill that he knew. For that he needed me to turn around and get on my knees. As I was facing the wall, Ajay's face got right in my ass and started licking my hole. Then, I could feel my dick being pulled at the same time as well. All I could do was enjoy the pleasure that I was receiving. The best was when my ass was getting eaten out, and my dick was getting deep-throated. Dr. Rimmerman got behind Nurse Ajay and started to rim his asshole as well. When I started to hear Ajay moan really load, that caused him to get into licking my hole. Ajay was getting fucked in the ass by the doctor and really seemed to love it. The three of us were all getting into the action and depending on the speed of the fucking that set the mood that everyone else went by. A couple of times, the Doc went slow and deep with the fucking. Then, he asked me if I was ready to take some dick. I climbed down and bent over the table, while Nurse Ajay was sitting with his legs wide apart on the exam table. As the Doc pushed his cock into my ass, I pushed my face down on the cock in front of me. Dr. Rimmerman yelled out that he wanted to hear me gag. He fucked me at pretty steady rate for the first time, and made sure to go as deep as possible. One thing is for sure that I got more turned on being treated like their little bitch like in one of my fantasies. The Doc said that I had a fat ass, and started to spank it. I yelled out for him to spank me harder and to leave a handprint. As I was licking Ajay's balls he let me know that he was getting close to cumming. Sure enough he shot a load right on his stomach, and it was thick and white in color. Dr. Rimmerman let me know that Ajay was going to get cleaned up and then start visiting his other patients. Changing out the paper on the table, the Doc asked me what I thought of the ass eating and I told him that it was one of my fantasies. That was when he told me that Ajay learned the Rimmerman technique, and when I expressed that I wanted to learn. He said one day, but that he first wanted to get off like Ajay. Dr. Rimmerman said that he loved to hear me gag on his cock and wanted me to jerk him off as well. As I sucked on his dick I used a combination of mouth and hand, and I moved down to getting on my knees. The Doc jerked off wanting to shoot his load right on his chest. He slapped his dick against my tongue a couple of times. Sure enough it was a minute later that he shot his load all over his lower stomach right in front of my eyes. I licked the cum on his hands, and he told me to just wait in the room while he finished a couple of things. I got up on the table and started jerking off to the thought of everything that we had just finished. I rubbed my chest and stomach as I played with myself. Stroking my cock in long up and down motions to make sure that I did it just like at home. With being as horny as I was I knew that it wouldn't be long until I shot my load. Keeping up the steady pace I started to have an orgasm. Holding back as long as I could, I shot my load right on myself. It was a huge load, considering that it was two days since I last got off. As soon as I finished I took a moment to get myself together, than I hopped off the table and got cleaned up before Dr. Rimmerman returned.

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