Ajay & Dustin Part 2
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I was supposed to get my clothes on and get dressed for the doctor to come in, but Nurse Ajay forgot to take the toy out of my ass. I was left waiting on the table, and didn't really want to take a chance of moving around with that thing in there. When I heard the door open, I just hoped that no one important would catch me in this odd position. It was Ajay, and he admitted that he forgot about me. He put on a pair of gloves to take the instrument out, and he said that he needed to get another sperm sample for the lab. Ajay told me to relax and he would get started on getting another sample. Grabbing my cock with his hand he lowered his mouth and started to suck on my dick. I was getting a blow job by my nurse, and he was deep-throating me. As he played with my dick he rubbed his cock with his hand, obviously turned on by what he was doing. He was moaning well giving me head, which was a big turn on. Ajay was getting hot and sweaty, so he wanted to take off his shirt. Standing up, I tried to help him pull his shirt over his head. Returning to giving me a blow job, I rubbed his back and body. I grabbed his dick, stroking him off over his underwear, and the two of us kept going. Ajay pulled his underwear down, and jerked himself off. After a few minutes, he paused and wanted to go to using another toy on me. Picking up this black thing he lubed it up quickly and inserted it into my ass. It felt a little weird, but I didn't want him to think that I wouldn't do what he wanted. He took it out after a while, and went back to the other toy that I really liked. He jerked me off, and rubbed my body at the same time. To keep him going I stroked his cock as well. It took a while of Nurse Ajay stroking my cock, but finally after a while I felt that I was getting close to cumming. Keeping up the pace, I held back as long as I could in the hopes that I could enjoy the orgasm longer. A couple huge squirts of cum shot out onto my leg, and onto Ajay's hand. He seemed to think that it was a better sperm sample this time for the lab. Cleaning up, we both wiped off using some paper towels. Ajay said that he would take the sample to the lab, and I chimed in that I was the only one getting to have fun. He told me to try some of my physical therapy skills that I had learned out on him. Ajay climbed up on the table and after bending his legs a couple of times. He told me to just suck his cock all ready. Putting his dick in my mouth, he seemed to enjoy it, and even tried to fuck my mouth a couple of times. I would lick his balls, squeeze his nipples, and rub his body. After a while Ajay took over jerking himself off, and I just tried to keep him turned on. It seemed that the nurse just might not be able to get off and lost his boner. Surprising enough he got back hard when I whispered to him to cum on my face. It was only a few seconds later that he seemed to be getting close to shooting his load. I lowered my face down to his chest, and kept my eyes closed just in case. I could tell that he had came a few seconds later, and when I opened my eyes I saw he only shoot a few inches above his cock. Ajay said that I had finished all the parts of the exam with him, but should come in to see Dr. Phingerphuk.

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