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Nurse Ajay walked into the room and he said that he would be performing the first part of my exam, and answering a couple of the different questions before the doctor came in to finish up the exam. Recently, I had to take a break from school for a semester, so that I could get caught up on bills. Ajay had asked what I was going to school for and that was for a degree in physical therapy. I came into the clinic to have my yearly physical done, because it's a lot cheaper than going to most doctors. The first thing that the Nurse did was started writing down my body stats. He wanted to take a look at my tonsils and take my blood pressure. While he was putting on his gloves, we were making small talk about the campus, and I told that I had to give up my car due to the payments. Ajay told me that I sounded like a broke straight boy, I couldn't catch my tongue before I let out that that the problem was that I wasn't a straight boy. That seemed to get his attention. Sticking my tongue out he took a look, and then moved on to taking my temperature with the oral thermometer. Which I made him look at it twice, so that he didn't make a mistake. Next he wanted to listen to my lungs. Stripping off my shirt, I took a seat and Ajay placed his stethoscope against my chest. I had to take a couple deep breaths while he checked a couple different places before he moved on to taking my blood pressure. I was told to take off my pants, so that he could check my reflexes. It was a little strange to be in my underwear up on the table having the Nurse bend my legs. But, the way that I looked at it was that this was kind of what I would be doing with patients once I finished school. Looking at his notes, testicles were next on the list to be checked. Ajay pulled my underwear to the side and started to examine my balls. Moving them from side to side, and feeling them in his hands it was kind of erotic. He told me that he wanted to get a sperm sample to send to the lab. I slipped off my underwear as Ajay adjusted the table, and sat back. The Nurse applied a big shot of lube to my dick, and told me to relax as he started to pull on my dick. I closed my eyes, so that I wouldn't concentrate on him so much. My cock was getting harder from the feeling of the lube and latex sliding up and down. Ajay took off his gloves after a while, and once he started using his bare hand the hand job got even better. Rubbing my thigh with his other hand, I started to feel like I was getting closer to having an orgasm. Moving has hand to my balls, Ajay cupped them with his hand and stroked my dick really fast. I don't know what the problem was, because it never takes me this long to get off at home. Wanting to try something else to get me to cum faster, Nurse Ajay put on a glove and inserted a finger in my ass. It was a shock at first, because it happened so quickly. However, it was something that even I have done myself at home a couple of times. He started to move his finger around and stroke me off at the same time. I was in heaven, and I let out a huge shot of pre-cum that caused Ajay to stop. I knew that his arm was getting tired, but he inserted some weird shaped object into my ass. It was only about a minute after that, I let out that I was going to cum. I came on my chest, and it was a pretty good size load for me. He said that he was going to get the sample up to the lab, and go talk to the doctor. In the mean time, he handed me some paper towels to clean up with. I am going to have to get me one of those toys.

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