Aaron's Follow Up
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I had to wait while Nurse Ajay went to turn in my sperm sample to the lab and grab the doctor that was on duty. Returning with a doctor following in his footsteps, he introduced him as Dr. Rimmerman. What Rimmerman said was that Nurse Ajay, had just got certified as a Nurse Practitioner and that I was going to be his first patient to perform more of the exam on. Dr. Rimmerman was going to be a shadow in the room, in case he needed to jump in. I was getting a little nervous about the exam, but they both told me that I didn't have anything to worry about. Picking up where they left off, the two of them looked at the list and saw that an anal exam was next. I stripped off my underwear and faced the wall. Ajay instructed me to lye down on the table, and rest my head between my hands. The feeling of Ajay's gloves touching my skin shot up by body, and I could feel him pull my ass cheeks apart. Then, a quick rush feeling shot through my body as I realized that Ajay was licking my asshole. His tongue kept repeating the licking pattern over my hole. Dr. Rimmerman told him to get in deep, and for me to spread my legs apart. Dr. Rimmerman told me to get up on my knees and get my ass up in the air. It must have been an easier position for Ajay's tongue, because he seemed to be able to lick my hole a lot easier. The doc told me that he was going to give me something to do to keep my mind off what Ajay was doing. Stripping out of his pants and underwear he climbed up on the exam table and put his cock in front of my face. After a while of the little train of action we had going on, Rimmerman told Ajay that he would show him how to do an anal exam. Switching us all around on the table into different positions. Ajay laid down on the table on his back, while I sat over him facing the Doc. Ajay was enjoying the rim job by the Doc, and after a moment I was told to get down on my feet. Standing there, he had me bend over the table and Ajay kept his face glued to my ass, licking it, biting it, and eating every bit of it. Causing me to moan, and want it even more. I sucked on Dr. Rimmerman's dick trying to see if I could keep up hard as a rock. Changing positions and moving on, Dr. Rimmerman said that he wanted to move on and show Ajay how to do the next part of the examination. He grabbed a condom off of the table and put it on. I was getting more nervous, because I knew that the Doc was a little bigger than Ajay. Wasting no time, Rimmerman pushed his cock right up into my hole in one single movement. It was a shock at the pain and pleasure that I experienced. He started to fuck me at a slow rate and then began to pick up the pace. One thing that the Doc did a lot was have me change positions. He had me get up on the table on my back for him to continue, and then he offered to switch places with Ajay. Only when Ajay got behind me he couldn't get his cock hard enough to fuck me. I am not sure why he couldn't get hard, but Rimmerman had us trade places on the table. Dr. Rimmerman put a new condom on and started to fuck Ajay. He kept going until Ajay said that he wanted to change. I didn't wait before, I hopped back up on the table for Rimmerman to continue. While we were fucking Ajay said that he was getting close to cumming. It was only a few seconds later that Ajay came right above my armpit. It was running down my side, and Dr. Rimmerman told Ajay to get cleaned up, so that we could finish. Dr. Rimmerman moved up to stroking off close to my face, the two of us stroked our cocks to try and get off. The Doc was able to cum in no time and he shot his load all over my chest. I was trying so hard to speed up my orgasm so that he wouldn't have to wait. I let out a warning that I was getting close, and then I came on my stomach. Dr. Rimmerman said that he would give me a clean bill of health, and that I didn't need to come back for a month. That exam was a workout, and I am sure that I will dream about it until my next doctor's appointment.

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