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Being a freshman and going to school away from home was something completely new to me. I was used to my life in North Carolina, but when I was looking at Colleges I saw Florida as a chance to go experience life. After starting on campus for a week or so, I received a notice in the mail saying that I needed to complete a physical at the school's clinic to receive a clean bill of health. If I didn't I wouldn't be allowed to finish the semester. I called the clinic and setup an appointment to go in, and they told me that I would be seeing Nurse Ajay for the exam. After I arrived at the clinic, finished the paperwork some lady walked me back to one of the exam rooms. She told me to have a seat until Ajay could come in. It was only about a minute or so, before he walked in. He seemed a little young, but on the attractive side. Ajay began asking me a bunch of questions about my body stats. I was 19 (almost turning 20), 5'8" and 115 pounds. He mixed in some conversation while he was doing the things on my chart. Sticking a tongue depressor in my mouth he had me stick out my tongue so he could take a look at my tonsils. Afterward, Ajay wanted my shirt to come off for him to listen to my heart, and take my blood pressure. Right away he noticed the scare on my chest, I got it when I was little and fell on a pair of scissors. He smiled, and asked why I didn't listen to my parents. Ajay told me to take a couple of breaths and he moved the stethoscope around in a couple different places. As soon as he was done with taking my blood pressure my pants had to come off for him to do a flexology test. Stepping off the table I dropped my jeans to the floor, and hopped back up on the table in my underwear. Each leg was bent and extended for the range of motion in case of any pain. We were almost done with the exam as Nurse Ajay went through his checklist of tasks to perform and the last one that he had was to get a sperm sample. He said that they just wanted to make sure that everyone on campus was okay. Of course, it seemed a little odd to me, but how could I argue with a procedure that he had to follow as well. I had to strip out of my underwear, and hop back up on the table. He told me to sit back and relax as he started to touch my dick to get it hard. It didn't take long for that to happen, with my dorm-mate always there and not hooking up I haven't gotten off in a while. Ajay put my dick in his mouth and started to give me head. Shit! It felt great at this point I wanted him to keep going. My cock was going limp, and my nerves were kind of high. He mixed together the oral and jerking off for a while to get me hard and in the hopes of getting a sperm sample. After a while, I could tell that Ajay's hand was getting tired and he wanted me to take over. He slid his hand over my chest, abs, and down onto my thigh. His body was close to mine, and with all the contact it was a turn on. I stroked my dick just like I did at home or when I was alone. I knew it was just taking a little longer for me to get closer to cumming because of the surroundings. All the muscles in my body were tensing up, and I was trying to hold back for a more exciting ending. I told the Nurse that I was about to cum, and he told me to go ahead. I know that a couple of moans slipped out as I came, squirting the cum on my stomach. It was a pretty big size load for me. Ajay said that he had to get the sample to the lab, and then he would get the doctor in to see me before I could leave.

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