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I showed up for my exam at the clinic that we had to schedule the day before. The nurse took me back to the room where I was to wait for one of the doctors to come in. I had no idea which one or if it would be a different doctor. There was a knock at the door and Dr. Slater walked in smiling. He said that he would be the one conducting the exam, and asked me if I had anything to report to him as issues that I might be having. I said that I was fine, and he proceeded with examining me. He told me to take off my shirt, so that he could listen to my heart beat. I tossed my shirt on the floor and leaned back, he started to touch and squeeze my right side. Then, he applied his stethoscope to my heart area and took a listen. After I had to do the whole breathing thing, Dr. Slater put on a pair of gloves and felt around for any sore areas. He asked me to drop my pants and that was when he started to feel underneath my underwear. Taking off my underwear, the Doc examined my cock and balls very carefully and all I could do was lay there. When the doctor said that it was time to do the anal portion of the exam, I started to get a little nervous. He prepped the table and had my legs spread wide apart so that he could get up close and personal. To get started he applied some lube to his finger and started to push his finger inside me. Slowly he moved it in and out to try to get my hole to relax. It was one of those things where it felt good and painful at the same time. Moving a little faster just as I was getting used to it, he pulled his finger out and grabbed some tool. As it touched my skin it was cold, and sent a shock feeling through my body. Pushing it in, Dr. Slater went very slow and once he got all the way inside; he pulled out the middle of the tool and took a look inside my ass. It was interesting! Then, he took it out, and said that he had completed another portion of the exam. To continue on the Doc told me that it was best for me to get an erection, and to do that he was going to help with that. He dropped to his knees and put my dick in his mouth to give me head. Placing my hand on the back of his head, I wanted to keep going all the way down to the base of my cock. It only took him a moment to get me hard and then he stopped. Inserting a tool into my ass, it felt a lot different than anything I had ever felt before. Coming around to my side the Doc started to suck my cock some more, and really fast. Dr. Slater was doing such a good job that he was getting me close to cumming. That was when he had me take over and jerk off to squirt my load into the specimen cup. When I came it wasn't a huge load just because the day before I had gotten off twice. As soon as I was done the Doc said that I needed me to return the favor. Climbing down off the table, Dr. Slater was stripping out of his clothes and down to his underwear. The Doc was in great shape, he was tan over most of his body, and had a nice washboard stomach that proved that he looks great naked. While he was still standing, he pulled his boxer briefs down exposing his package to me. Dropping down on my knees in front of him I put his cock in my mouth and just started to suck. As I was giving head to the Doc he would tell me how he liked it and what to do. So, I followed his instructions to go faster and all the way down. He placed his hand on the back of my head and tried to control the pace that I sucked. Moving up onto the exam table he laid back, and I continued to stay on my knees. One thing that he had me do while giving him a blow job was squeeze the base of his cock. As Dr. Slater got close to cumming he had me do things a certain way. Telling me to suck and concentrate on just the tip of his dick. Sure enough the Doc started to breathe really deep and fast. Moving his body around he let me know that he was about to cum. I took my mouth off his dick and began stroking it. Keeping my face close to his cock, he sprayed his load on my face giving me a facial, something I figured he would love. Then, I proceeded to suck his cock for a moment to get all the cum out. Dr. Slater told me my time with him was done, and that I was to go see Dr. Topnbottom. I pulled the Doc's underwear back up and proceeded with getting my clothes back on to go see the other Doctor for my appointment.

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