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My buddy Kyle told that he had been going to the school's clinic to participate in special projects where he would get paid in cash. The one thing that he warned me about was that I had to be open to doctors touching me. Hell every time I go to get a physical or something else done at the doctors, that happens anyway. Well, Kyle told me to go along with him on his next visit which was on Friday. I didn't have any problem with that, and so we met up right outside the clinic. All Kyle had to do was sign in, me on the other hand; I had a bunch of paperwork that I had to fill out. The two of us were sitting in the waiting room by one of the exam doors that was cracked and had a sign stating, "Special Projects". I remember hearing two different doctors in the room and they introduced themselves to each other, I could hear that one was Dr. Topinbottom and the other was Dr. Slater, who was an intern. By listening to the door I heard that the special project was actually called, Post Adolescent Ejaculatory Evaluations. The last Dr. that had walked into the room was Dr. Phingerphuk and he didn't partake in any of the testing. He just wanted to make sure that if the doctors needed anything that they would say something. As he exited the room, he called Kyle and I up to go into the exam room. Shutting the door behind him, the two doctors were ready to get started. I was a little more nervous now that we were in the room, and it wasn't surprising that Dr. Topinbottom called me to go first. Taking a seat on the table he got all of the boring stat questions out of the way. I had to take off my shirt in order for the Doc to get a listen to my heart. As soon as he was done, next I laid back allowing the doctor to palpate my lower stomach area. He moved his hand around slipping it under my underwear, and noticed my nipples were pierced. I was instructed to take off my jeans and strip down to my underwear. Hopping up on the table in my white briefs, the Doc asked me how many partners I tend to be with in a week. I had no idea just, because it changes from week to week. Next, the Doc had me do an endurance test, where he had me do a set of push ups, and then listened to my heart afterward. Stripping out of my underwear, I had to get back on the table with my ass pointing out for the Doc. He inserted a thermometer into my ass to take my temperature. After about a minute, he took the reading and said that I was normal. Turning back around, Dr. Topinbottom measured my cock limp and then wanted to get a reading hard. To do that he started to give me oral to get me hard. After a moment, he asked the intern Doc to step in as well and help. Slater kissed my chest and neck in different areas. I couldn't help, but grab the back of the Doc's head and place him down on my cock. He got tired after a while, and went to jerking me off, while I messed around with Dr. Slater. Kyle was instructed to strip down to save some time. It took a while for the Doc to get me close to cumming. But, when I finally did, the doctors collected it in a cup. Wasting no time, Dr. Topinbottom told Kyle to take a seat on the exam table. Getting the routine things done, and out of the way. It was kind of funny to watch the Doc palpate and touch Kyle's body like he did mine. Getting to a standing position, Kyle dropped his underwear and the Doc felt his balls during a cough. Then, he took a limp measurement of Kyle's dick. Followed by giving him head, Dr. Topinbottom went for a while before handing over the job to Dr. Slater. He seemed to know the trick for getting Kyle hard. It was taking Kyle a while to get close to shooting his load, and so I started jerking off as well to see if maybe I could get off again. Wouldn't you know that just as I got going, Kyle told the Docs to grab the cup. Jumping to his feet, he shot his load in the cup, squeezing every last drop out. After we were all done, Dr. Topinbottom was going to send the samples to the lab. We were told that we could come back for another appointment to make some money.

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