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Nurse Ajay had me come back into the clinic after I passed my exam, because he figured that I was a good match to be one of the special candidates that the doctor was looking for. I came into the clinic and one of the nurses took me back to one of the exam rooms. That is where I sat for a while waiting for the doctor. Finally, there was a knock at the door and the doctor introduced himself as Dr. Phingerphuk walked into the room. He said that he would like to pay me to have some experimental treatments done. The first thing that Dr. Phingerphuk had me do was take off my shirt, so that he could listen to my heart. Vacuum pumping was the experiment that he was going to start with. Dropping my pants I hopped back up on the table and the Doc started to feel around my pelvic area. Patting me on the leg, he told me to take off my underwear, and he showed me the pump. It looked kind of scary, but he told me that it was like getting my dick sucked. The best way to use the pump was with a lot of lube. Dr. Phingerphuk applied some lube to my dick, and started to stroke me off to get the blood flowing in it. Once my dick was covered, and the pump was all hooked up he put it over my dick and started to squeeze the trigger. After a couple of pumps, he started to stroke the tube with his hands. Watching the tube with my eyes glued to it, my dick got the biggest I have ever seen it. After a few more minutes, my dick was full of blood and seemed to slow down. Dr. Phingerphuk hooked up the handle, in order to get the pump off. The Doc stroked my dick using lube and his gloves. He told me to put my legs up in the stirrups and move to the end of the table. Applying some lube to my asshole, he started to press against my hole with his finger. Then, he inserted it, and started to fuck my asshole with his finger. One thing that the doctor did was talk very dirty to me and that was a turn on for me. I will have to admit to have someone dominate over me. A moment later he put on a mask for me to just sit back and relax, while he was going to insert an instrument into my ass. It looked huge, and I was just afraid that it was going to hurt like hell. Once it was about half way into my ass, the rest of the way was a piece of cake. Turning on the machine that the wires went to, my ass started to vibrate and it felt like someone was fucking me in the ass. Dr. Phingerphuk told me to keep my legs wide open for him to keep an eye on everything. My eyes turned to follow the doctor and see what he was doing. He caught me looking at him, and he told me to look away. He moved quickly and had a metal rod. Holding it at the tip of my penis he started to insert it into my cock. It felt STRANGE! Uncomfortable and pleasurable at the same time was what I was experiencing from the metal rod. Then, Dr. Phingerphuk took some other vibrating instrument and caused my cock to have this numb feeling. Taking out the rod, it was followed by a huge amount of pre-cum that got the Doc excited. Getting my cock rock hard, Dr. Phingerphuk put these straps around my dick and started to shock my dick with electricity with a pulsating sensation. It did feel pretty good, but after a few minutes, the Doc started his process of taking that vibrating instrument out of my ass. It was huge shock having that come completely out. Once it was out I could tell that my asshole started to relax. However, really Phingerphuk didn't wait long before he went to using the toy that Nurse Ajay had used on me that I liked. The prostate massager! After a few minutes and some light stroking by the Doc, I told him that I was getting close to getting off. He was getting excited to see me shoot my load, and I could hear it in his voice. The doc kept cheering me one and using two hands to power stroke my dick. I used every muscle in my body to hold back. Like a rocket the cum shot out of my dick and onto my lower stomach. There was a huge dropped was on the tip of my cock. Dr. Phingerphuk had a glove full of cum to play with. He told me that I did a great job, and to come back to see Nurse Ajay for some penetration next week. I can't wait for some more attention from the medical staff.

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