Randy, Skylar, Kyle
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Dr. Luca made me and the other guys that I originally had to test with show up for some kind of final exam at the clinic. When I arrived Randy and Kyle were already there waiting on me. Nurse Cindy walked us to the room, and told us to wait for Dr. Luca. When he came into the room he told us that we were there for his final exam, and that the first thing he wanted to do was take our blood pressures. He had me get up on the exam table first, and then the other two followed. As soon as he was done he told me to suck on Randy's dick. Randy stripped out of his clothes while he was up on the exam table, and I took off my shirt throwing it to the floor. I bent over the table taking Randy's dick in my mouth, and right away he grabbed the back of my head. It only took me a minute or so, but his dick got fully hard from my blow job. The Doc told me to move over to Kyle. As I was down on my knees sucking on his dick, I could see that he was pinching his nipples. While I was sucking their dicks, Dr. Luca was listening to their breathing the whole time. At one point both Randy and Kyle were standing next to each other and I sucked them both off at the same time. They seemed to enjoy it, but it was a little difficult to get them both in my mouth. I just went to trading off every couple of seconds. That was until Luca made us move around a bit. He had Kyle start to give Randy head who was still sitting up on the table. I was down on the floor about to go back to sucking on Kyle's dick, but the Doc had me move behind Kyle's ass. As I started to press my face into his ass, I only got started before I got stopped. Luca wanted to show me the correct way for doing it. He got down on the floor next to me and putting his tongue in Kyle's ass. The Doc kept going for a while, and then he got out of the way for me move forward. Licking my tongue against Kyle's asshole it started to make him moan as he was giving head. I could tell that the rimming was a big turn on for Kyle because he started to get hard without any touching. The Doc asked me to stand and put a condom on. He then told me to fuck Kyle in the ass. As I lubed up my cock and his hole, I wasted no time in getting my dick deep inside his ass. I knew that Kyle could take a dick in the ass from previous dr. appointments we have been in. I pounded his ass for a while, and Dr. Luca even had me slap his ass a couple of times. It was kind of funny to have the Doc in the background cheering us on the whole time. It wasn't long before Luca asked us to switch things up. He had me move into Kyle's position and then he stepped behind me. As he got the condom on, he too didn't take it slow getting his dick inside my ass. Kyle picked up the pace and started to fuck me pretty hard and deep. The fucking felt great, and I could hardly pay attention to sucking on Randy's cock. I started to moan so loud that the other two guys were getting turned on. Not wanting to waste a moment, Dr. Luca asked me to climb up on the exam table. Everyone had to stop what they were doing and change position. I climbed up and took a seat on the table, while Randy took a position on my side standing in a chair. Kyle stepped up behind me and put his dick back in. He started to fuck me once more not wanting to take it easy. He was a fun guy to fuck around with because he can play a submissive role, and then all of a sudden switch to playing a dominating role. We kept the fucking up for a while, and I let out a warning that I was about to blow my load. I came all over myself, shooting the load on my stomach. Kyle kept fucking me, and it seemed like Randy was getting close. With him standing to the side I couldn't tell for sure where most of his load was going to go. All of a sudden he said that he was going to cum. He came shooting his load onto my chest, with most of it hitting next to my nipple. I sat there waiting while Kyle jerked off to finish. He shot his load just over the tip of my cock covering my lower stomach in cum. Dr. Luca said that we did a great job and handed us a certificate saying that we passed his exam. He told us to get dressed, and get out of his office so he could see some more patients.

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