Randy & Skylar's Follow Up
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The last time I was in the clinic seeing Dr. Luca saw both Randy and I in the same appointment to perform the same tests to pass our sports physicals. My going to school rides on my athletic scholarship, so I have to do what the Doc wants in order to keep going to the school where I am at. The last time I was in the clinic the Doc didn't let me or Randy leave without setting up our follow-up appointment. I showed up with Randy, who lives in one of the dorms right across from mine to go see Dr. Luca for our anal examinations. We both agreed that what happened at the clinic was a little weird and out of the ordinary, however we both needed to pass. Plus, the doctor had a nice, tone body, and was getting us off every time we were in there. Randy and I just made a pack with each other that we would never share a word of what has gone on in our appointments. We arrived at the Clinic a few minutes early and Nurse Cindy greeted us. Walking us back to the exam room, she put us in the room and told us to get down to our underwear while we waited. Right away, when the Doctor entered the room he had me hop up on the table for him to get started. He listened to my heart on both my chest and back. Then, when he finished he asked me to take off my underwear. I get excited very easy, so I already had a boner from the Doc touching me over my body. Dr. Luca started to suck my dick without any hesitation, and it's amazing! I would even go as far as saying that he's better than my boyfriend. But, don't tell him that. I mean the Doc knows how to deep-throat a cock. Without even saying a word he motioned for me to flip over. I positioned myself on my knees in the doggie-style position. A warm smooth hand touched my bare ass and moved in a circular motion. I soon felt a second hand touch my ass as well. There was the ultimate surprise that followed a warm tongue licking over my asshole. I didn't say much at first, keeping quiet without many words. However, a person can only take their ass getting licked for so long before they start screaming from the pleasure. I turned over on my back; and the Doc made sure that I was relaxed by rimming my hole one more time before he did moved forward. After a short moment he stood up and put a condom on. Applying some lube to his dick and my ass, he was quick to get his dick against my hole and he pushed in. After he was able to get his dick all the way inside my ass, he started to move in and out. He was fucking me pretty hard for a while, before he asked me to get down and stand. That is when he positioned Randy over the exam table, and bent him over with his face in the table. The Doc handed me a condom and told me to put it on. That was when he directed me to start fucking Randy. I applied some lube to my dick and pushed in. I went slowly to start, because his asshole was clamping down on my dick. As soon as I felt him relax a little bit I started to move. I didn't stop, I fucked him hard! After a few minutes, Luca told me to get up on the table and lay down. He then told Randy to climb over me and ride my cock. Once he was able to get himself comfortable, Randy was able to ride my dick at a speed that made him comfortable. Luca played with both Randy and my balls while we fucked. The feeling of an orgasm was coming over me, and so I told Dr. Luca I was getting close to cumming. That is when he told Randy to get down. It took me a moment of jacking off, before I came on my stomach. It wasn't long before Dr. Luca shot a huge, creamy load on my leg. Then, Randy shot a huge load all over my leg, and even some of his cum ended up on my arm. The Doc explained to me that he still wanted us to come back for one more test, and so we needed to talk with Nurse Cindy on our way out. Wow, after that I had to go back to my dorm room, and shower to get all the sweat and cum off of my body.

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