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Zak the dorm supervisor did a surprise inspection on my dorm room and he found six empty beer cans. He claimed that he found alcohol in my section of the room, and that it was mine. I share space with three other guys that I room with, so any one of them could have been stashing it. The school guidelines state that you have to go take an alcohol test if the dorm supervisor requests one. Zak walked me right down to the school's clinic for one. The Doc came into the room and introduced himself as Dr. Phingerphuk. I laughed at his name because it was very odd sounding. He asked what was going on and Zak explained to him that he thought I had a bunch of beer in my system. Phingerphuk said that he had to perform the test to follow procedures, however he would make it as easy as possible. The first thing that he said he had to do was a short physical, with a urine and sperm sample. I questioned that and he said it was something new that the school was trying out. Taking off my shirt, the Doc listened to my heart and lungs in a couple different spots. I was just pissed that Zak was making me go through all of this. Dr. Phingerphuk took a look in my mouth, and kept going through the physical. Taking my blood pressure I thought that it might be a little high from the frustration I was in. The Doc asked me to drop my shorts, and he proceeded to put on some gloves. Touching my lower stomach and thighs he was looking for anything that would be causing me some pains. As the Doc continued to examine my body, I looked at Zak and knew that he was trying to get me in trouble since I fucked his best friend. The Doc asked why I would do such a thing, and I explained that he was really hot. Removing my underwear as instructed, Phingerphuk measured my cock, and then checked out my package. He talked about my uncut cock, and how we wished he had his skin. Then, I was asked to turn over so that he could take my temperature. In doing so, he applied some lube to my asshole and then gently inserted the thermometer into my ass. After he told me that I was normal, he had me flip over. Once I turned over, the Doc said that he was ready to get a sample. To collect it he was going to get it from me, however Zak was still in the room. I didn't want him to tell anyone what was going on, so the Doc said that he would do something to Zak in return. Laying there on the table, Dr. Phingerphuk started to play with my dick to get it rock hard. Once I was hard, he really started to jerk me off with some speed. It didn't take long for me to get off, and I blew my load right on my stomach. The Doc scooped some up in a little cup and said that he would order some tests on it. Afterward he handed me a container to pee in. I emptied my bladder in it, and he said that he was going to go drop it off to for the lab and be right back. When he returned I told the Doc about when I walked into Zak's room last night to ask him a question and found him and his friend Tony smoking a blunt. Zak said he didn't have anything to hide and the doctor said he would run some tests on him too. Hopping up on the exam table Zak removed his shirt, so that Dr. Phingerphuk could listen to his heart. As the Doc was doing his thing, I was checking out Zak's body and compared it to mine. Zak had both of his nipples pierced. When the doc asked him to, he dropped his pants, and was sitting there in his underwear. Phingerphuk started to touch his chest and stomach looking for any tender areas. His hands moved lower than Zak's stomach and underneath the waist band on his underwear. Instructing him to turn over for a temperature reading, the Doc grabbed the thermometer. Zak knew just what he was in store for. After it sat in his as for a minute, Phingerphuk took a reading and said that Zak was running a little hot. Turning back over and getting comfortable, the Doc started to examine Zak's cock, and then the motions went from light touching to stroking his dick. Dr. Phingerphuk was giving Zak a hand job as part of his exam with the goal of getting him off for a sperm sample. Stepping in closer to Zak, I reached forward with my hand pinching his closest nipple in my fingertips. He didn't respond with any words just looked at me. I had figured that he was jealous about me sleeping with his friend, when I think that Zak had a crush on me. The Doc took off his gloves and went to jerking off Zak bare-handed with a handful of lube. The feeling must have been better, because Zak told him to concentrate on the tip of his penis. Then it didn't take long before we heard a warning from Zak that he was getting close. Zak came all over Phingerphuk's hand, and it was a bigger load than mine. The Doc scooped some up in the little sample cup to run the tests. However, before we were allowed to leave Zak had to give a urine sample. He said that he needed to do it in private. Returning from the bathroom he handed over a container of piss. We were told that it would take around a week for the clinic to get the test results back.

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