Dr. Rimmerman & David
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I showed up for my appointment at the school's clinic to get my physical, and I had a bunch of paperwork to fill out. It took forever, and they asked all kinds of family history, and habits that I might have. Once I was finished with the paperwork, I just had to wait for Nurse Ajay to take me back to one of the exam rooms. He explained to me while I was waiting that one of the doctors was being replaced, and it was his replacements first day at the clinic. I would be seeing Dr. Rimmerman for my physical. I walked into the exam room to meet the doctor, and he was ready to get started. He had me take a seat on the exam table, and started asking me just some general health questions. The Doc wanted to retake my blood pressure, and run some basic tests. Listening to my heart and lungs, he had me lay back on the table while he took a listen in a couple different spots. Afterward he had me remove my shirt. Making the table a little more comfortable for me to sit up, Rimmerman continued to check me out. Doing some leg extensions on each leg. Next, he proceeded to put on a pair of rubber gloves in order to check out some of my body parts. He explained to me that he used to be the doctor at the clinic, but had to take a break due to some health issues. However, now he had came back and was better than ever. Standing up, he helped me drop my shorts, and he took my blood pressure. I asked him if it was okay, and he said that I was perfectly healthy. Taking my temperature was no big deal, and I tried to crack a joke with him. Going back to standing at the end of the exam table, the Doc pulled down my underwear. I asked him if the female nurse was going to come in, and he said that she was off. Being stripped of all my clothes, I returned to the table, and Dr. Rimmerman started to touch and rub my body. The Doc told me that he did this with all of the soccer players, and so I relaxed a little bit more. As he was rubbing my chest and stomach area, his hands would slid further south, touching my dick on occasion. I asked him if we were done, but he said no and to just relax. Readjusting on the table, Rimmerman had me move to the end of the exam table, and he was touching me in ways that no one else ever has. Pulling me close to his body, and I didn't know what was going to happen. The Doc was getting hot, so he took off his shirts to give him some relief. Rubbing and moving my balls around, he asked me to hold them up while he inspected down below. I had no idea what he was looking for, since I didn't complain about anything. However, the touching was starting to feel good, and I didn't really want him to know that. He told me that he would use a tool, and a few seconds later I realized that it was his tongue that was against my hole. He asked me how it felt, and I told him good. Flipping over on my stomach on the table, he massaged my back and shoulders with his hands to try and get me to relax. I explained to him that I haven't had a massage before. At one point, I felt the doctor kissing my ass, and I called him out on it. I didn't know if that was really supposed to go on. He continued, and worked his tongue back into my ass crack. I was told to get down on my knees on the floor in front of him. He removed his underwear and had me suck on his dick. The Doc was a talker, and wanted me to deep-throat his cock. He asked me if I wanted him to keep playing with my hole, and I said yes. Laying back down on the table he fucked my face with his cock. He asked me which way I wanted to get fucked, and I told him that I wanted to stand. Moving to the end of the table, he applied some lube to my asshole, and put a condom on. Stepping closer to me, he started to push his thick cock into my tight hole. Once he was in, I remember trying to get away, but he wouldn't let me. He started to pound my hole, deeper and faster. We could hear the slapping of our skin together. Rimmerman fucked me in a couple different positions, but my favorite was standing. While he was fucking me, I let out that I was going to cum. I came with his thick cock in my ass all over the exam table. Afterward he said that he would take part of it as a sample, and told me to get dressed. He sent me out to Nurse AJ, to finish wrapping up. However, I forgot my cell phone in the room. When I went back I saw the Doc jerking off through a crack in the door, and it didn't take him long to get off and blow his load standing up. This will be one doctor's visit I never forget.

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