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Part of getting admitted and participating in the university's sports program is that you have a physical done by a doctor. With the crappy job that I have, and little pay that I make, I don't have health insurance. The university has a clinic that they fund and send the athletes to for any of their medical needs. When I arrived at my appointment with the clinic the Nurse told me that one of their new nurses would be performing my exam, because the doctor has another appointment. The nurse took me back to one of the exam rooms, and Nurse AJ was already in the room ready for me. He introduced himself and got started right away by asking me questions. I had to give him my age, 21, 5'10", 145 pounds. The nurse gave me a list of things that he was going to do. First, thing that he had me do was take off my shirt. Listening to my heart and lungs he had me breathe a couple of times for him. Sitting back on the table, AJ started to put the blood pressure cuff on my arm, and take his reading. In doing it, he made small talk about asking about my school career. I was going to the university to get a major in automotive marketing to work for one of the corporate giants doing their commercials. He was having a bunch of issues with the cuff but as soon as he was done he moved on to checking my tonsils. To take my temperature he told me that it would be administered anally. I asked the Nurse if that was some kind of new procedure. He just said that it was much easier for them than in the mouth. I started to strip off the rest of my clothes, so that I could get up on the table. It felt a little uncomfortable to be up on the table in the doggie-style position. AJ told me that he would use a bunch of lube on the thermometer to make it easier. I will admit that I was sarcastic with him about the whole temperature reading thing. He told me that I was normal, and had a reading of 86. I knew that he meant 98.6, but probably was nervous doing the exam. He had to keep checking his list to make sure he was doing everything needed. Nurse AJ had told me that I could put my underwear on, but as soon as I took a seat on the table, he told me to take them off again. His next procedure was to get a sperm sample from me. I never heard of a doctor's office asking for a sperm sample for getting into college, but he said that it was something new that the college was doing. AJ got a huge handful of lube in his hand and applied it to my dick. With his gloves on he began to jerk me off with his hand. I was curious about this whole test and if every guy who walked into their clinic allowed this to happen. He said that it didn't matter what sexuality the patient was, the university was just trying to make sure that their students weren't passing around diseases. My cock was getting hard even with all the talking that we were doing, but I made myself comfortable on the table. I just tried to not think of it being a guy touching my cock. After a while Nurse AJ strapped on some kind of electric shock machine to my dick. Turning it on, the machine made a lot louder noise than the sensation it was putting out. I kept telling AJ to turn it up, and after a while he got it figured out where it seemed to be enjoyable. He would use his hand to jerk me off slowly with the machine going and then cupped my balls with his other hand. After a while though he had to take off the machine and just went to jerking me off by hand. That seemed to go a lot better, and I just tried to relax. I started to have an orgasm and shot my load all over my stomach. AJ squeezed out all the cum, and told me that he would take some samples of my cum for testing. He told me to get cleaned up and then from there he would get back to me after he talks to the doctor.

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