Zak & Ethan
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The clinic called Zak and I back in to the clinic to go over our comprehensive test results from the toxicology tests they ran. While we were waiting in the room, Zak kept blaming me for the situation we were in. I told him that it was his problem, because I had nothing to hide. Dr. Phingerphuk walked in and got right to the test results that he had in his hand. He first read mine, and like I had said I was negative on everything. As for Zak, he came up positive for alcohol and pot in his system. Dr. Phingerphuk asked how we should move forward with the results that he had in his hand. I told him, that he should go to the administration. Zak was a little shocked about the direction things were going and tried saying that the Doc had experimented when he was in college. Dr. Phingerphuk was just more upset he had to miss time away from his golf game. First thing that we had Zak do was take off his shirt, but then the Doc turned to me and told me to take off mine. He said that I had to play the game if I wanted it to go anywhere. I did what he said. Next, I said that I wanted Zak to lick on my nipples a bit. He started with the one closest to him, and playing with my nipples happened to be a turn-on for me. After a while the Doc told us to take off our pants, and stripping down to our underwear he told us to hold off going further. That is when he had us stand facing each other and rub our cocks together. In doing so, Zak was getting hard in no time. He reached inside my underwear and started to stroke my cock. The next step was that Dr. Phingerphuk had me bind Zak over the table and spank him. At first, I will admit that I was taking it easy, however, after a while when I was slapping his bare ass with my hand I started to hit harder. There were a couple of moans that came from him while I was doing it. Dr. Phingerphuk had me walk around to the other side of the table hand put my cock in Zak's mouth. He took most of it in deep-throating my cock, and while he was giving me had the Doc started to spank him on the ass a couple of times. I guess the Doc was mad he missed his golf game. Pushing Zak's face down more on my cock was hot to watch as I was face fucking his mouth. He was able to keep from choking for only so long before he had to have me change to a different position. I climbed up on the table, and he stood in front of me. Zak would suck on my dick for a while and then would go to licking my balls. Every so often he would switch. I climbed up on my knees on the table and the Doc took a hold of my cock. Zak would suck my cock and the Doc would pump it. It was an interesting comb. However, my knees started to cramp and I moved to standing on the floor. As I was leaning against the table I knew that I was getting closer to busting my load. I started to get close to cumming; Zak's face was in the perfect position for what I did next. I came right on his face, and my load was one of my biggest. After I was done and Zak wiped off his face, Dr. Phingerphuk told me that it was my turn to return the favor to Zak. After doing this we were "even steven" and the fighting had to stop. Standing to the side of Zack, I put his cock in my mouth and started to give him head. I was able to get most of his cock in my mouth and suck pretty hard that the Doc was impressed. To get in a little more comfortable position I took out the leg stands on the table and positioned Zak's legs wide apart. As I positioned his cock straight at me, I was able to suck his dick, lick his balls and jack him off. Even the Doc got in on the action and jerked him off. It didn't take long before Zak, shot his load on his lower stomach. The Doc said that we still had to come in for one more visit with him, and we better not be late next week.

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