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The last couple of times that I have went into the clinic, I have got to see Dr. Phingerphuk. He is a great doctor, who has ran some interesting and fun experiments that have made me have some of the best orgasms I have ever had. Going back to the clinic for another check up, I made sure that it was going be with Dr. Phingerphuk. When he walked into the room, I told him why I came into the clinic. He told me that he just wanted to get to the experimenting and getting me off, rather than wasting with an exam. I told him that I was down for whatever he wanted, and asked him what he would want to try. The Doc told me that he had some new devices that he would put on my dick that would make it bigger, thicker, and more sensitive. From there, he would put a couple of these little blue straps on my dick that would shock it with electricity. He told me this story about how he used them for the first time on a guy, and was able to get the guy off with very little touching. Then, to add to it, the Doc also had this little anal bullet that he wanted to use on me at the same time. Before we could start using all the toys he told me that he wanted to just check out my heart to make sure that it was ok, and that there weren't any heart murmurs. I took off my shirt, and he listened in a couple of different spots. Then, Dr. Phingerphuk asked me to take off my clothes, when I got down to my underwear; he noticed that I had a hole in them. We made some small talk while he put on some gloves, and as he did this, I was busy rubbing my dick to start to get it hard. The Doc helped me take off my underwear, and he examined my package very closely with his hands. He said that I was a great candidate for pumping, and he handed me a bottle of lube. I was instructed to get my dick covered in lube. Within just a few seconds I was able to have it fully hard. Placing a clear tube device over my cock, it felt a little tight, and then the Doc started to squeeze the pump. Slowly, my dick was getting bigger, and it felt like someone was just keeping their mouth on my dick without letting it out. Dr. Phingerphuk took off the pump, but left the tube on my dick to let it finish working. The longer that it was on my dick, the more sensitive it became. I felt a finger start to slide toward my asshole, and tickle over it. I know that I let out a moan from such a great feeling. The Doc went back to doing it, but this time he pushed his finger inside. He moved it around, and it felt great. I wanted him to keep doing what he was doing. I grabbed the back of the seat in excitement. He stopped after a while, and took the device off. My dick was still really big after that experiment, and the Doc stroked my dick for a while. There was another huge toy on the table that I told him to try on me. He grabbed it and put my dick inside it. As it slid over my dick and inside, it felt like my dick was getting a blow job. I started to fuck it, and jam my cock as deep as it would go. The Doc didn't want me to get off yet, so he stopped with that toy. He grabbed the blue straps off of the table, and put them on one at a time. Turning the device on after everything was hooked up, I started to feel some short tingling shocks in my dick. I will admit that it felt amazing, I just noticed that my dick was going down in size a little bit after a while. I played with my dick to try and keep it hard again. Dr. Phingerphuk played with my nipples, a major turn on for me. However, changing the settings on the machine, the Doc was able to get me hard with only it. Dr. Phingerphuk said that he had one more surprise in store for me, and he pulled out the bullet. Smothering it in lube, he inserted it in my ass, and it was a little bit of a shock for my hole. Turning that one on, I was getting shocks in my ass now, and I just tried to relax with the devices on. I laid back and let the Doc stroke my dick for a while. He did it for a while, until he said that he had enough experimenting. He then lubed up my dick, and stroked my cock, leaving the bullet inside me. I let out a big load of precum from all the excitement. I knew that I was getting close to getting off and I warned the Doc. I came, and my load went all over the Doc's hand. It was huge, very thick, and white. After all of that, I had to still remove the bullet. The doctor tried, but it was very sensitive. I took it out myself, so it could be at my pace. The doc told me to take my time in getting cleaned up and he would see me again whenever I wanted.

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