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I went into the clinic, because I heard that they do medical experiments and the students can earn some pretty good cash for doing it. When I got to the clinic, I had to fill out a butt-load of paperwork. Most of it, saying that if anything went wrong they weren't liable, and that I needed to be open to new experiences to be considered. The nurse took me back to a room when I was finished, and I waited for a doc to come see me. Dr. Phingerphuk walked in and introduced himself. He explained a little about what was going to happen for the experiment and that some electrotherapy work would take place. In order for me to participate I needed to get my vitals checked, and have a quick exam. The doc asked me to take off my shirt, so that he could listen to my chest. I was a little embarrassed, just because I hadn't had much time to get some sun or workout. Dr. Phingerphuk listened to both my front and back of the heart, and then asked me to take off my shorts. Standing up, I dropped my shorts to the floor, and then returned to sitting on the exam table in my briefs. While I was getting undressed, the doc was busy putting on a pair of gloves. His hands started to touch my sides and chest first, and he was looking for any sore and tender areas that I might have. The doc was very gentle in the way that he touched me. Working his way down my side, his fingertips started to touch just under the waistband of my underwear pressing down. I figured this was normal, but to me I am kind of ticklish. The doc asked for me to take off my underwear when he got to a certain point, and he helped with pulling them down. Starting with examining my dick he moved it from side to side, and looked underneath my balls for any open areas. Dr. Phingerphuk explained to me that what he was doing was looking to get someone one off with his machine without them having to touch themselves. For that he had to try different settings to see what was best. That is where I came in, and what we would be doing. Basically, I got that the doctor would be getting me off in some form. Dr. Phingerphuk applied a handful of lube to my dick, and started to rub and play with it. He said that the first thing was that I needed to get hard for him to attach the device. I will admit that it took a while, but there wasn't much in the form of something to turn me on in the room. The more the doctor stroked the harder my dick got, so when he had to use two hands to stroke that was a good sign to start. Putting these two blue strips on my dick at different parts, they were a little tight. The Doc hooked them up and turned the machine on, and it started to make some noise. That is when I felt this shock, tickling feeling down in my dick. As the machine continued to shock my dick, the Doc touched very lightly in a couple of different spots for some extra stimulation. The more that everything continued, the more that it started to send me into having an orgasm. Turning it up two more levels, everything was more intense. It only took a few more moments at this level, and I told him that I was going to shoot my load. Afterward he asked me what I thought, and I told him that it was great. Everyone needed to have one of these machines at home. The last thing that Dr. Phingerphuk did was take a couple of samples of cum. He told me that he had another experiment that I could take part in, and to come back next week at the same exact time. I look forward to seeing what he has in mind.

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