Kyle's Anal Exam
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I received a call back from the clinic saying that Dr. Luca wanted to do some more testing and to setup an appointment to come back in. When I did, Nurse Cindy said that the clinic was still cramming to get all the athletes through their testing before the sports season started. The nurse had me strip my clothes down to my underwear, so I was ready to see Luca and wait in another room to be called in. It was quiet, but I heard the Doc call my name. As I entered the exam room, Luca had a big smile on his face when he saw me. I took a seat up on the exam table, and he said that he would be performing an anal exam. He asked if I knew what that was, and I just shook my head yes. Luca listened to my heart for a moment before he had me strip off my underwear. After I was naked, he had me sit down, and with in just a few seconds he started to suck on my dick. This was great! I was enjoying being able to come see my doctor and get serviced all at the same time. My dick got hard in no time, and the doctor gave some oral loving to my balls. Putting one ball in his mouth at a time, Luca sucked on them for a little while. He had me turn around and bend over on the table. As I leaned over on the exam table, the Doc started to spread my ass apart with his hands. I felt this slight tickling at my asshole, and then the sensation got stronger. The doctor was rimming my ass! He continued to do it for a while, and I could hardly hold myself up it felt amazing. The doc spread my asshole as wide as he could, and continued to press his face in my ass. He moved around to the side of me, and sucked my dick for a second. I stood up repositioning myself and he sucked my dick with me standing. The doc was doing such a great job, that I wanted him to keep going. The doc said that he was needed to get a deep probe to put in my ass. I said ok, and laid back on the table. As I did so, Luca started to strip off his shirt. I was wondering what he was doing. He reached down into his pants, and played with his dick for a second before stripping off the rest of his clothes. Luca put on a condom, and moved to my ass. After putting on some lube, he wasted no time in putting his dick in my ass. I couldn't help, but moan with the fucking I was getting. As I made any noise the Doc was getting more turned on, he would fuck me harder. The Doc was able to keep up a pretty fast pace, and road my ass like he had been wanted it for a while. He had me get up and bend over the table. With my face pressed into the exam table, Luca fucked me pushing me more into the table. As he stuffed every inch of his cock into my ass, I took it like a man. He pulled out quickly, yelling that he was going to cum. He sprayed his load all over my back. Some of the cum even ran down my crack, and I could feel it going over my asshole. Luca pulled me up against his chest. Holding me close to him, he wrapped his arms around me holding me close to his naked body. I stroked my cock, trying to get off as quickly. The Doc was breathing in my ear, which is a big turn on for me, and it wasn't long before I shot my load all over the exam table in front of me. Luca turned me around and said that he wanted to see me tomorrow if I could. He told me to check with the nurse to see when they could get me back in. Dr. Luca was hot, and I can't wait to see what he has in store for me next.

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