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Dr. Luca called me back and wanted to do some more testing on my heart to make sure that it could handle all the endurance I would have playing sports. He had me strip back down to my underwear and hop up onto the table. After he got finished listening to my heart with a stethoscope, he explained that he would be doing a rectum exam. Adjusting the table he had me put my feet in these stirrups, and began feeling just below my balls. Putting on a pair of gloves, he started to touch and pull on my cock. Luca dropped his face down towards my cock, and at first I thought that maybe he was just taking a really close look at something. However, he put my dick in his mouth and started to give me head. As he gave me a blow job, he also started to rub my asshole with his finger teasing me by doing it. My dick got rock hard with the foreplay. The Doc continued to give me head, and was able to deep-throat my whole cock in his mouth. He did several different techniques giving head, giving me a wide range of sensations. Going back to his finger, he started to move it around a little more and pushed it just inside my ass. That feeling got me even harder, and I started to have an orgasm. I did everything I could to hold back blowing my load. Luca said that he was going to try something else that I might like. Grabbing something off the table he was preparing something for a second and it was hard for me to tell what he had. Then, as he walked back over to me, I saw this long, black, rubber instrument in his hand. Placing it against my asshole, he gently started to push it in. A big shock went over my body and I took a huge breath. Luca pushed more of the tool in. Once most of the tool was inside my asshole, the Doc moved it in and out in a smooth motion. Doing all of this he tried to simultaneously jerk me off. Taking the instrument out of my ass he applied some more lube to it, and then inserted it back into my ass. Continuing to stretch my asshole wide with the tool, he jerked me off in hopes of getting a sample. Looking up at the Doc totally turned on and in a high sense of arousal. Luca leaned down and the two of us started to kiss. Gently his lips pressed against mine, and the Doc was a great kisser. He removed the instrument from my butt, and told me that he would work on getting me off. Lowering his head back down to my cock, he gave me head. I had to give him kudos for more head, because I had a ton of lube on my dick from when he stroked me off. It took a minute or so, but the Doc had me rock hard again, and I took over jerking myself off to give him the sample he was looking for. When I came, the load shot up my chest and covered my chest all the way down to my cock. Not as much as the other day, when I first met Dr. Luca, but not bad either. He said that it was just what he was after. He told me that he would be calling me back for some more testing after he met with the other guys in my testing group.

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