Group Exam Part 2
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Kyle was next to get up on the table. The first thing that Dr. Luca did was listened to his heart, starting in the center of his chest. The Doc, then listened on Kyle's back to make sure that his lungs were ok. Next, Luca took Kyle's blood pressure to make sure that he was normal. Sure enough he was right where he was supposed to be. Especially, since each one of us were testing out to be on sports teams, Luca had to make sure that our joints and muscles were ok. He tested out Kyle's legs by doing a serious of different movements to see if anything would cause him pain. After that Kyle was asked to stand and strip down out of his underwear. It is always weird to do the whole turn and cough with the doctor grabbing on to your nuts. After everything that we were doing in that exam room, that was a walk in the park. Next, the Doc examined Kyle's cock and balls a little closely looking for anything that would have been abnormal. He didn't see anything that stood out to him, so he had Kyle turn around and get up on the table. Luca had him assume the same position that I had to in order to have his temperature taken. At least Luca was nice and added a generous amount of gel his butt-hole. Inserting the thermometer slowly, he had to go through the same process I did. Afterward, Kyle had to flip over and the Doc adjusted the table. Then, it was our turn to help Kyle out in getting a sample for the doctor. Luca was the first one to suck cock. I started with kissing and licking on Kyle's nipple. Randy was kissing on Kyle's neck, and then the two of them started to kiss. After that Randy moved down to taking his turn in sucking on Kyle's dick. I wasn't shy about it, I did go last in taking my turn to give head as well. While I was giving the blow job, Randy rubbed my ass with his hand. A couple of times he slid his hand down my butt crack, gliding his hand over my asshole, getting me turned on again. Dr. Luca asked Kyle to go ahead at that point and jerk himself off. The three of us standing around him, touched and licked on Kyle's body to keep him excited. I could tell by the sound of Kyle's moans that he liked it when I touched his asshole with my finger. I just wanted to get him turned on and excited. It took a few minutes, but sure enough with all that attention Kyle shot his load. As he came, his load went clear up passed his nipples in the center of his chest. Dr. Luca took a sample and then moved on to asking Randy to get up on the table. Third one in the exam was going to be a charm. Randy was the last one to get an exam, so we all knew what he was going to go through. Dr. Luca checked him over in exactly the same way that he did Kyle, and I. When it came time to starting to mess around, Kyle was the first one to give Randy a blow job. Luca sucked on one nipple while I played with the other. The Doc and him started to kiss a little bit, and I just stood back and watched. Touching Randy on his chest with my hands, I wanted to help do something to get him excited. After a while, Kyle got tired and wanted a break. I positioned myself between Randy's legs and started to give him a blow job. I tried to do my best, because I wanted to see if I could get him to think that I was better than the other two. I do have to say that it was a turn on sucking his dick and having Randy look down at me for most of it. We all started to take turns in jerking Randy off. However, the Doc seemed to have the talent with getting him off. Randy came a huge, thick load on his lower body. Dr. Luca took a sample, and told us to get dressed. He was now going to call us back to the exam room to do a one on one visit.

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