Nelson's Sound Play Experiment
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I went back to see Dr. Phingerphuk for some more experiments, because he has been coming up with some interesting ways to get me off the last couple of times I had been at the clinic. When I showed up for my appointment he was eager to get started. I asked him what we were going to do, and he told me a little bit of sound play. My first thought was maybe something with breathing. However, he started to go into some medical terms and I asked him to tell me in laymen's terms. The Doc said that he would be using some urethra dilators, which were metal rods that would go inside my pee hole to stretch it for practice in case I would ever need a catheter put in. It sounded a little scary at first, but I just thought to myself that I was in good hands. He asked me to take off my shirt to start, so he would check out my heart once again. I told him that I was keeping up with my yoga classes for exercise. Pressing the stethoscope against my chest I got a cold rush through my body down to my toes. Dr. Phingerphuk asked me to take off my pants and to leave my briefs on. I took a seat and waited for his next command. He said that he wanted to help me take them off. They were a little tight, because they were a new pair that I had in the dryer just a little too long. The Doc examined my penis very closely, and asked me what I thought about the penis pump we had tried last time? It actually was a lot of fun, and I went out to buy one that weekend. Next, he said that he wanted to take my temperature, but wanted to do it a way that wasn't so common. I figured that meant he wanted to put it in my butt, like he has before. He applied some lube to the tip that gets inserted and his hand took a hold of my dick. He started to put the tip of the thermometer against the head of my penis. The Doc asked me to breath and took a second to make sure that I was doing it right. Pressing the thermometer inside, it was a little uncomfortable at first, but the longer he left it there the more I started to relax. When he was done he grabbed a case from the table, and it was his sound kit. Inside was a bunch of metal rods of all different sizes. He showed me the thinnest and thickest ones that he had to work with. I was nervous, but I just tried not to think about it. The doc asked me to get hard to start, because the instrument goes in easier. Playing with my dick for a minute, I was able to get it hard without any trouble. Dr. Phingerphuk started to insert it, just like the thermometer, very slowly, with lots of lube. I felt some pain, and yet at the same time just let things happen. I was able to see the he was able to get more of it in after a while. He massaged the head of my penis, but I have to say that my cock went into shock when he started to tap the rod with his finger tips. Taking it out was another weird feeling as well, but it did feel good. The next toy that the Doc wanted to use he called a prostate stimulator, and he said it was something that I would just love. Showing me its unique shape, I was curious on how it would feel from all the other different toys the doctor has tried. He lubed it up, and explained how it would work. Putting it in my ass, it felt just a butt-plug at first once when it was in. Then, my ass started to pull more of it in, and it just pressed right up against my prostate. As it started to massage it, Dr. Phingerphuk started to stroke my cock. He used both hands and was wearing his gloves, so his hands slid over my dick with the latex. It didn't take long for me to give him a warning that I was about to shoot my load. I came, and some of my load shot right in the middle of my chest, and the rest went on his gloves. After I was finished the Doc couldn't stay in the room very long because he said that he had to get on to other appointments that he had. However, he told me to come back real soon for another checkup.

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