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In order for me to get play on the school's soccer team, I had to get approved by the doctor to play. For my first appointment, I went with another teammate, and we got examined by Dr. Blake the intern. The doctor then had us make a follow-up appointment so that we could get our prostates examined as well. When I came in for my appointment that time, Dr. Phingerphuk was busy doing his rounds and so Dr. Blake preformed the exam on me for that exam as well. He used this machine that shocked my penis with electricity. Hearing about that may sound a little odd, but the doctor was doing it in the exam and it felt great. Blake told me that he wanted me to come in for one more test, and then he would approve me to play soccer. When I arrived at the doctor's office they knew who I was in to see. Nurse Cindy took me back to a room, and Dr. Blake walked in. Dr. Phingerphuk was short handed again, so Blake was going to do the exam. He did ask me if it was okay for him to do first, and I didn't mind at all. Blake seemed to be in great shape, and had a fun personality. He started by listening to my heart rate, and then he had me take off my pants. Once everything was stripped off, but my boxers he started to palpate my stomach and groan area. Taking the underwear off, he felt each ball very carefully inspecting it for anything unusual. He told me that everything looked good, and that he wanted to get right to checking out my prostate. My feet went in those crazy footrests on the table. Dr. Blake got in between my legs and got his face really close to my hole. That was when I noticed that he had a flashlight and was looking at the area around my asshole. Getting the table ready for the next procedure he pulled out a thermometer, and took my temperature anally. My temperature was right on the money, 98.6 degrees. He then grabbed a toy and told me that he needed me to get loosened up in order to move on to the next part of the exam. The doctor put on a pair of gloves and started to insert the rubber toy into my ass. Once inside, I started to relax, and he started to fuck me with it. I couldn't help buy moan from the feeling that I was experiencing. He told me that he was ready to begin with the electro-stimulus again. This time, he had something different it was connected to that looked like a dildo. Once the instrument was ready to be inserted, the doctor guided it in my ass slowly with his hands. Blake told me to relax, and I just tried not to think about how big it was. Once it was inside, Blake turned it on, and you can hear the machine increase with speed. Getting to the level that he wanted it set at, Blake sucked my dick for a while to get me rock hard, and close to giving him a cum shot. Stroking my dick as hard as I could with this instrument in my ass, it didn't take long for me to get close to having an orgasm. I gave my warning to Blake for him to get out of the way unless he wanted to get covered in cum. I came all over my lower stomach and was tired from the experience. Blake then went through the process of pulling out the toy from my ass. He told me that I passed and could get cleaned up and leave. Grabbing my clothes I headed the restroom that was attached to that exam room. While I was getting my pants on, I looked out the room and Blake was getting undressed. He stripped down to his underwear and was rubbing himself on the table. I couldn't help myself but watch this intern get himself off. It didn't take him long at all to blow his load all over his hand. His load was very thick, white, and running all down his shaft. He said he loved his job, and looked up to find the door cracked open and me peeking out.

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