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I had to go back to the clinic after my first visit to see Dr. Phingerphuk, because Dr. Blake was just an intern. When I arrived for my appointment Dr. Blake was in the room and said that Dr. Phingerphuk was in the process of making his rounds. He was going to go ahead and get started with the exam. He listened to my heart rate and did a couple of simple, routine things, and he got me back down to my underwear again like the first exam. Palpating my stomach he searched for any hernias or pulled muscles from playing soccer. He told me that Phingerphuk was going to perform an endurance test, but since he hadn't made it in yet. Blake was going to go ahead and get started. He had me slip off my underwear and he started to stroke the shaft of my cock, gently, to get me hard. Once my cock was getting firm, the hot, young, intern dropped his mouth down to my dick and started sucking. I do have to say that Dr. Blake seemed to be very talented with his mouth. Sucking my dick for a while, I enjoyed the blow job. That was until he told me that he wanted to perform a prostate exam on me. Pulling out some foot rest things from the table, my legs were spread wide apart from one another. The doctor applied some lube to his finger, and started to rub it on my asshole. Pressing in, he started to move it around a little bit. If you have never had a finger up your hole, I do have to say that it is a weird, good feeling all at the same time. After a minute of the fingering, he asked me the last time that I had gotten off. Thinking about it for a second, it had been a couple of days, because I just haven't had any privacy with all my roommates around. Dr. Blake told me that he was then going to try an electrical stimulus machine. He turned to the table to the side of the room to get some things. I asked him if it was going to hurt, because it was something electric that he was hooking up to my dick. Placing this ring around my dick, he turned it on slowly. It took a while to notice anything was actually happening. Then, all of a sudden this pulsing sensation started to spread over my body starting at my dick. It started softly, but then started to build and get stronger. I actually asked him to turn it down a bit, just so that I didn't get off until he asked me. Dr. Blake went back to fingering me, while the machine continued to shock my cock. To get a sample, Blake started to work on getting my cock hard again. He jerked me off with one hand, and fingered me with the other. The glove was not working for me, and was actually turning me off. Dr. Blake took it off, and stuck his finger back up my butt. His arm must have been getting tired, because he just couldn't stroke my dick fast enough. Taking over, I started to go at the pace that I tend to do at home. Fighting back, from shooting my load I was using every muscle in my body to hold on to it. It was the best feeling in the world! I came, shooting my load all over my lower stomach. I told the doctor that it was the greatest orgasm that I had ever experienced, and that was no lie. He told me that he still wanted to test out some more things with my prostate, and that I would have to come back in for another visit. I don't know exactly what that means, but I hope that I get to use that machine again.

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