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I just recently signed up with a soccer team and one of the requirements before you can take part in any practices is to have a physical done. I explained to the couch that I didn't have a lot of extra money to pay out, nor did I have any insurance. He told me that I could go to this local clinic, and get tested for free. Plus, there was another player that was needing to go as well. Right before practice was to get started, Coach sent us over together. It was a little hard for me to understand Christopher from his accent. When we got to the clinic we handed them the paper that Coach gave us, and they took us back to a room. Waiting; the two of us talked about moving down to go to the school for our first year. In walked Dr. Blake who was an intern and he said that he would be seeing us. Starting with my vital signs, and measurements I was a little embarrassed to be taking my shirt off in front of Chris. The doctor felt around my chest and he was very gentle in the way that he touched over my body. Stripping down to my underwear he continued to check for any sore or tender areas. When I heard the doctor say the words to drop my drawers, I did so as I felt like all the eyes in the room went straight at my cock. Dr. Blake felt my shaft and balls, and after a moment I started to feel a little funny about it. My cock started to get hard, and I couldn't hold it back from getting harder. Christopher asked what Dr. Blake was doing, but Dr. Blake told him to shut up or he wasn't going to pass his physical. Christopher asked if he was going to have to go. Dr. Blake told Christopher to get over to the table and suck my cock. Standing to my side, Christopher took my dick in his mouth and would run his tongue along my shaft. He kept going, and Dr. Blake went to licking my balls. Then, they traded places, Christopher paused and played with his hard on in his pants. Starting with his shirt, he took it off and I reached over to rub his cock. He wasted no time in stripping out of his clothes. I jerked him off while the doctor sucked on my dick. Standing closer to me I started to kiss his nipples and chest as well. Looking down at me he moved his lips closer to mine, and we started to kiss. His tongue placed its way into my mouth, and we kissed for a while. Then, Christopher went back to giving me head for a moment. I got more turned on by the kissing and gave Dr. Blake a warning that I was getting close to blowing my load. He lightly continued to stroke my cock, and then I let out that I was cumming. I came all over, and it was a giant size load from what I typically shoot, so I knew that I was turned on. The doctor didn't waste any time, and told Christopher to get up onto the table. Once he was in place, the doctor started to stroke him off and suck his dick. I licked and played with Christopher's nipples a bit, and he seemed to be enjoying everything that was done to him. Then, the doctor and I traded places for a while, and I will admit that it was hard for me to get a lot of that cock in my mouth. Christopher even started to talk dirty to me in Spanish. Dr. Blake took off his shirt, and then Christopher's cock got to enjoy two mouths on it at once. Ready for him to get off, Dr. James told him that he wanted Christopher to get off for him. He shot his load all over his lower stomach and hand. Dr. Blake said that he had one more test for us, and that was that he wanted us to suck on his dick for a while. Christopher went first, and it took a bit to get the doctor turned on. Maybe that was because this wasn't his first time messing around with patients. I was kissing the doctor's chest, and then worked my way up to his soft lips. Then, when Christopher wanted a break, I tried giving the doc head. Right away, he started moaning and I was very turned on, by that. Christopher started to make out with Dr. Blake, and then we just went back and forth. The doc stroked himself off, until he came shooting his load all over his tan, lower body. Then, Dr. Blake told us that we had to come back to see the regular physicians at the clinic.

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