Mark's Exam
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After Mark and I got done messing around we had just finished getting our clothes on when Dr. Phingerphuk came in the room. He asked what Mark had done to his foot and Mark told him that we had been fooling around on the beach. The doc apologized for us having to wait forever, and that was when he noticed that the room was a little messy. He said he was going to have a nurse come in and prepare the room, and he had a phone call to make. Mark looked at me and so far we knew that no one had a clue of what we had done. Nurse Cindy came in put new paper on the table, and then rearranged the items that were messed up on the counters. Dr. Phingerphuk returned to the room and started with examining Mark's foot. He found the spot that Mark was in pain, and kept touching his ankle. The doc wanted to look Mark over, and then would give him some treatment. He asked how it had happened, and when we said fooling around the doc caught on. Mark had to take off his shirt for the doctor to listen to his heart and lungs. The doc figured out that we were ditching class to have some fun, but he wasn't going to tell anyone. He got out a machine that would send pulses of electricity to Mark's foot to ease some pain. First however, Mark's shorts needed to come off. Dr. Phingerphuk helped him with taking them off and then handed the shorts to me. The doc was trying to make small talk as he was getting setup and asked if we were friends or roommates. We just responded friends, but both were starring at each other. When the doctor was ready he turned the machine on and we could hear the machine beep and Mark's toes were moving on their own from the pulses. Using various speeds and setting Phingerphuk was able to get some of the pain to lessen. After a while he stopped the machine and took off the pads. Next, Dr. Phingerphuk wanted to continue the exam, since Mark had never been to the clinic before. He started to do some tests and then at the end of the exam would give us a special ointment to put on Mark's foot. As the doc started to look over Mark he found the scare from when Mark had a hernia taken out. Then, the doc wanted to check his balls and to do that Mark's underwear needed to come off. Looking over his cock and balls Dr. Phingerphuk asked if Mark had recently gotten off because he saw some dried up cum on his skin. All Mark responded with was that he got off a bit ago, and the doc said that Mark had an interesting penis as he checked it over. The doc said that he wanted to see Mark's dick fully erect, and worked on playing with it for a moment. Then, the doc asked me if I wanted to help. I didn't even get a response out before Mark said ok. They both looked at me with anticipation to get out of the chair. I moved over to Mark, grabbed his cock and lowered my mouth. Right away Mark started to moan and let me know that he was enjoying it. After a minute or so, the doc wanted to take a measurement; he then decided that he wanted to wait a little longer so Mark could get harder. I kept going giving oral, and the doc came over to my side of the table and listened to my heart and lungs. He even lifted up my shirt to take a better listen exposing half my butt from my pants falling down. Dr. Phingerphuk moved over to the other side of the table. He had us take a break and the doc put some lube and some device over Mark's dick. The doc used two hands to jerk him off, and it was only a minute before he yelled out that he was going to cum. He kept yelling that he was going to cum, and then his load shot out of his cock all over his chest. It shot all the way up between his nipples. The doc warned that it was going to give a different sensation as he pulled off the device from Mark's dick. Just as the doc promised he took some of Mark's cum and rubbed it on his ankle that was bothering him. He then rubbed a little bit more on, and he wrapped it with a bandage. Looking up as soon as he was done at me, Dr. Phingerphuk changed the conversation. He said that he wanted to do a little experiment, but first needed to do a couple things around the office.

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