Hayden & Ricky
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Dr. Pingerphuk asked Ricky and I to trade places, and I jumped up on the table. I sat there for only a moment before Ricky lowered my briefs exposing my limp cock. He started to suck it, and get it hard. I was nervous with what was going on, but tried to block what I could out. Ricky was pretty good at giving me head, and I liked it when he licked my balls. The doc had me hop off the table after I was getting pretty hard, to keep going with the trial. He had Ricky get back up on the edge of the exam table with his legs up in the air. The doc inserted a butt-plug up his ass very slowly, because he knew that his ass was a virgin. I stroked Ricky's dick to help keep his mind off of it, and hope that he enjoyed it. Once the butt-plug was all the way in the doc moved it around and tapped it. I went back to sucking his dick a little bit more, because he seemed uncomfortable. Instructed to get up on the chair, the doc had Ricky suck my dick and he took the butt-plug out. The doctor said that he wanted me to fuck Ricky, and so to do that he had Ricky bend over the table. Pointing at a spot on the wall, the doctor had something for him to look at. Then, I got the signal to start to insert my dick. As I pressed it in, Ricky started to act like he was in pain. His ass was tight, really tight! I couldn't help it to keep trying to fuck when the doc told me to just stay in. I didn't want my dick to go down, plus it felt so good. I started to go faster, pounding the hell out of him. Dr. Phingerphuk had me get up on the table and Ricky flipped over to his back. I started out slow, and then started to go faster. I got even more excited knowing that Ricky was in a little bit of pain, but was grabbing my ass wanting more. The doc was playing with Ricky's dick to get him hard, while we were fucking. With all the fucking I was getting tired fast, and didn't know how much longer my dick would last. It took a bit longer, but took over the stroking of Ricky's dick as well, and it proved to be a bit of a challenge to do both. Ricky let out one big moan and he came right in the air. Cum went everywhere! I pulled out, and threw the condom on the floor. It only took me a moment before I came on Ricky's stomach. The doctor told us that we had everything paid for, and to see the Nurse when we leave. That was an interesting experiment to make some extra money, and I felt great after a fuck like that.

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