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It is standard guidelines set by my school's sports program for swimming that all teammates must pass a physical before they're allowed to take part in any of the competitions. The coach told me that he knew the doctor at the clinic, and if I called right away they probably could get me in. Sure enough when I said that I had been referred by my coach, the nurse squeezed me in between two of his appointments. I ran down to the clinic and was able to walk right in. One of the nurses took me back to one of the rooms all the way to the back, and told me to just wait for the doctor. Dr. Phingerphuk walked in and the first thing that he started with was why I was visiting the clinic. He knew my coach very well, and said that he would start by listening to my heart. Dr. Phingerphuk asked me to take off my shirt. Pressing his stethoscope up against my skin he listened for a moment before moving it to my back. He had me take a couple of breathes and could tell that I wasn't a smoker. He asked me if heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes ran in the family. I couldn't think of anyone in my family that had any of those problems, and the doc said that I was lucky. He took my blood pressure, and said that I was right where I needed to be. The doctor made polite personable conversation asking me what I was going to school for. We joked around about my major being Political Science. Dr. Phingerphuk had me stand, and asked me my height. Normally, one of the nurses takes it when you first walk back to one of the rooms, however with squeezing me in he was trying to save some time. He had me remove my shorts. Standing there I was in my white briefs that I had just changed into before I came down, making sure that I was in clean underwear for the doctor. He felt around my chest before making me take a seat back down on the exam table. Continuing on with where he left off he worked his way down to my pelvic area. His fingertips started to go under my underwear, and he noticed my tattoo. He then had me stand once more, to take off my underwear completely. The doctor did it himself and he started to feel around my groin. My dick was touching his hand, as he examined my testicles and had me cough. I had to cough in both directions, but that was nothing new. After that he had me return to sitting on the table where he continued to examine my testicles closely. I was pre-cumming and the doctor noticed, and right away pointed out that it was natural. Next thing that he did was take my temperature, and to do that he had me turn around to get on my hands and knees. The doctor warned me as he applied some lube to my ass, and inserted a thermometer in my ass. Waiting a moment he then took the reading, saying that I was normal. Turning back over, he made the comment about how I was still pre-cumming. The next step was to do an endurance test and then take a sample from me. He started to play and stroke my dick a little. I will admit that he wasn't getting me completely hard and that it was a little awkward to have a doctor touching me like he was. After a moment he applied some lube to my cock and had me fully hard. My cock was rock hard and he took a measurement telling me that I was 7 inches. Best moment for me was when he had to use two hands to jack me off. Dr. Phingerphuk had me fuck his hand, and that got me really close to getting off. I warned him that I was about to shoot my load and he told me to go ahead. I came on my stomach and his hand a pretty thick load. He squeezed out as much as he could and then took a sample. Dr. Phingerphuk told me that he was going to be conducting some experiments next week, and if I came back in he would pay me cash. I asked him, and he told me that I could bring in a friend as well. That would be a great way for me to make some extra cash next week.

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