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Starting school one of the requirements since I will be staying in the dorms is to have a physical done before the semester gets started. My parents have crappy insurance, but one of the perks to going to the university is that they offer insurance coverage at a discounted rate to the students. I made an appointment to go see the doctor, and the nurse was able to get me in the next day. Arriving I had to fill out some allergy information, and personal history in case I have had any issues they need to know about while I will be going to school. After I was finished the nurse took me back to one of the many exam rooms and told me that Dr. Phingerphuk would be in shortly. Waiting patiently for the doctor to come, when he did come in he introduced himself right away. Getting started he had me take off my shirt, so that he could listen to my heart. He asked me if I would be participating in any of the sports, and I told him that I am a swimmer. Smiling he laughed, and told me that he knew all about the swim team. Moving on Dr. Phingerphuk proceeded to take my blood pressure. The doc had me stand and he started to feel my upper chest with his hands. Squeezing my pecs with his hands, it felt a little funny as he did it. He did it on both sides, and then told me to take off my jeans. I put them on the chair, and he told me that so far I was in good shape. Checking for any hernias he started to feel around the area of my underwear band, and underneath it. Lifting my legs he had me push against his hand with both feet to see if I had any injuries. He could tell that I was a little sore from one of my muscles that I had pulled from practice. Pausing for a moment he asked if high blood pressure ran in my family, and when I told him no, he resumed the exam. He lifted my underwear and reached underneath feeling the area around the top of my cock. Dr. Phingerphuk asked me to stand and he pulled my briefs off. He told me to turn to the side and cough. Sitting back down on the table he once again looked for hernias, but this time underneath my balls. Dr. Phingerphuk had on his glasses and inspected them closely for anything that would stand out. He asked me if I had a girlfriend and told him the truth about us just breaking up. Checking out my dick, he asked me if I ever had any SDS, and I told him no. In looking at my penis, he told me that I had a healthy dick. Catching himself, he told me that he forgot to take my temperature. Proceeding to take it, he said that they take temperature old school to get the most accurate reading. Getting on all fours on the table, the doctor stuck the thermometer in my ass. That was very awkward, but he told me I was running a little bit of a fever. Sitting back down on the exam table, he looked in my mouth and said that I had huge tonsils. However, I never snored! The doctor told me about a rising concern in prostate disorders in young males. In order to find out, he had to perform an exam on me to make sure that I wasn't at risk. The doctor put this little finger rubber thing on and applied some lube to my butt hole. Reaching to the side he grabbed some instrument off the table next to him, and he started to insert it into my ass. It was very uncomfortable to have something up my ass, he took a look around inside my hole with it. After he got done doing whatever he needed, he asked me if I had ever had anything up my ass before. I didn't lie, because my hole was a virgin. He said that he could tell. That is when the doctor asked me if I was bisexual, and I told him no. He then stuck his finger back into my ass, and while he did that he reached for my dick. Starting to jerk me off, he told me that sometimes it helps to do that at the same time. Dr. Phingerphuk got me pretty hard, and while he was adjusting the table, I showed him some of my dick tricks. He got a kick out of it. Going back to stroking my cock, he rubbed my balls with one hand and jerked with the other. It took a while, I will admit that usually at home I could get off sooner, but with the doctor doing it the experience was different. I let the doctor know that I was about to shoot my load. When I came, a massive shot of cum went up my chest right in the middle. I did a giant size load for only getting off a couple of days ago. The doctor asked me if I would come back in for some tests, and I would get paid cash for them. I told him I was down, and he told me to come in next week. I will have to see what he has planned for that appointment.

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