Mike & Kyle
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I had gone into the school's clinic because they were doing a research study that paid some great cash for getting shocked. Dr. James told me that I had to do a follow up appointment as well. So, when I arrived the nurse took me back into an exam room where there was another guy waiting. Kyle was sitting up on the exam table when I walked in and he had said that he came to see Dr. James because of back pain. In a round about way we both came in for different things, but both ended up getting shocked. To top it off in talking with each other, we found out that Dr. James gave some great head. No other doctor had ever done that before in an exam, and so we were both a little excited to come back in and see Dr. James. Bringing up the idea of trying some things out ourselves while we waited, I asked Kyle if he wanted to experiment. He said sure, but I wasn't going to give him a second to think about it. Standing up out of my chair, I walked over in front of him and lifted his shirt off over his head. Kyle's tight, smooth, abs was exposed and I was turned on by seeing his nipples. Leaning over I started to run my tongue over each of them, and Kyle was getting turned on. His breathing started too change and he reached for my dick. I helped him strip off his shorts and down to his underwear. Grabbing his cock, I knew that I was coming on strong and Kyle liked being a little submissive. Taking off his underwear his bare cock was exposed. I started to play with it, and continued to bite his nipples a little bit more. Stripping out of my clothes, I got fully naked in front of Kyle and he liked seeing my dick. As it was right in front of him, he bent over and took it in his mouth. I told him to lay back and I would suck on his nipples a bit more. While Kyle played with my cock he said very loud that my cock was huge. Then, he ordered me to get up on the table and trade places with him. Just as my ass hit the paper lining, Kyle couldn't help himself. My cock must have been calling for his mouth, because he went right to giving me some good head. He was able to get a lot of it in his mouth, and he stroked it at the same time as well. After a while I looked over and saw a rubber sitting on the table. I told Kyle that I wanted to fuck his ass, and I heard him say, "hell yeah!" Taking some of the lube I slapped it on my cock, and then started to put my dick in his ass. He gripped the table tightly with both hands bracing himself for what was to come. After I got my dick inside Kyle's tight, little hole; I wanted to make sure that he gave me the go ahead to move. He told me ok, and I started to fuck him slowly. But, not a minute went by before he told me to go harder. Kyle held his legs up out of the way, so that I was able to get my dick in as deep as I wanted to get in. When my cock would go all the way it caused Kyle to moan really loud. When I would go really fast, his breathing would go to my pace. I fucked him pretty hard for a while, and I thought to myself that maybe someone in the clinic might hear us. Kyle's dick was going pretty limp during the fucking, and so I tried to stroke him off while we kept going. However, all of a sudden I started to have an orgasm. I whipped my dick out and threw the condom on the floor. I jerked off for a second, before I came all over on Kyle's stomach. I was able to catch my breath pretty fast, and I told Kyle to get himself off for me. He stroked his cock really fast, and came on his own stomach. That dude had a huge load, twice the size as mine. Afterward we had to move really quickly to get everything cleaned up before anyone would happen to walk in on us. I do have to say that was the best sex I have had yet.

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