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I was starting to experience some pain in my upper back and shoulders that was starting to make me uncomfortable throughout the day. I decided to go to the clinic, and that is where I met Dr. James. He started with taking some simple vital signs, my pulse and then my blood pressure. Listening to my heart and lungs, he told they sounded normal. Using a tongue depressor he looked to the back of my throat, and then felt my glands. Dr. James said that he wanted to try some technique to my back to see if that would help the muscles relax. In a couple different areas on my back he applied these small patches. He played with a device on the table and I felt some tingling in the muscles. I could see the muscles starting to twitch, and move. Dr. James had me roll over on my stomach after a while, so that I would be a little more comfortable. He changed the pattern in which the machine shocked the muscles. While all this was going on, Dr. James started to massage the rest of my body. Squeezing the back of my upper thighs, Dr. James had a pretty strong grip. He slowly moved his way up north, and was touching my ass. It didn't feel all that bad, and really did make my muscles relax even more. Dr. James wanted to try something else, and he wanted to lower the pads closer towards my butt. He asked me to strip off my clothes and then lay back down on the table. As I laid there, Dr. James reapplied the pads to my butt cheeks and turned the machine back on. There were a couple of different shock patterns that he used. I almost started laughing from feeling of my ass bouncing from the machine. At that moment, my back had started to feel better from all the treatment I was receiving. Dr. James said that he wanted to try one more thing, and that I had to roll over and sit up in order to try it. I did what he asked, and he placed a pad in the center of each thigh. Once the machine was on my muscles, they started to move on their own again. Dr. James started to feel my dick a little bit more than he had. He took it in one hand and he started to suck on my cock. The doctor was giving me a blow job. He sucked on it only for a little bit before he stopped the machine and wanted to continue with the rest of the exam. Dr. James was good at using his whole mouth at giving me a blow job. It felt pretty good, but it still kind of weird to have the doctor giving me head for an exam. When he asked me what I thought, I told him that it was, amazing! The longer that he kept going, the more that my muscles would relax. Taking over from the Doctor, he asked me to give him a sample of my cum. I jerked myself off, while he played with my balls. I knew that it was only going to take me a little bit to get close to getting off. Dr. James told me to warn him, and that he wanted to take back over and help me shoot my load. It only took me a few seconds, and I quickly nodded to him and moved my hand out of the way. He grabbed my dick and I busted my nut all over my stomach and his hand. I was out of breath from that workout, and my back was feeling a lot better. Dr. James told me that I should feel a lot better, but that if my back acts up just to come back in for another visit.

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