Danny & Dustin Return
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I came back to the clinic with Dustin, so that he could get his exam with Dr. James. Or at least we figured that he was going to be the one to perform the exam. Since it had only been a couple of days since we were last there, the nurse took down our basic information and then led us back to a room. Both Dustin and I waited for a while, and I could tell that he was a little nervous as he sat on the table. Sure enough Dr. James turned around the corner and walked into the room. He wanted to get started at the first chance that he had, so he took Danny's pulse. Dr. James asked Dustin to take off his shirt, because it gets in the way of getting accurate results for listening to the heart and lungs. Plus, then the shirt wasn't in the way for doing the blood pressure. Dr. James made small talk asking us about our season and how things were going. At the same time he slipped out that he wanted Dustin to drop his shorts. Standing in front of the table, Dustin dropped his shorts. Underneath he had on a pair of trunk briefs, and he kept those on while the doctor palpated his stomach for any tender areas. Removing those Dr. James felt up his balls and cock, and made a comment about how we liked this part of the exam the most. Dustin said yes, and Dr. James started sucking on his cock. There wasn't much time before Dustin had a rock hard cock. Listening to Dustin moan to the blow job was getting me turned on. I couldn't help but rub my cock as well, and was a little shocked at myself for what I was doing. Calling me over, Dr. James wanted me to help out Dustin. Giving head was just like what I had already done before, so I was able to take Dustin's cock in my mouth pretty easy. Gripping it in one hand I was able to get most of it in my mouth. Giving head wasn't so bad, and after a while Dr. James helped me out. As the two of us were pleasing Dustin he would moan, and reached for my pants. He tried to get into my pants himself to get to my dick. I took off my shirt to reveal my skinny body to the other two. Playing with Dustin's nipples was something that I knew turned him on, I started to kiss and lick his right one. Pausing for a minute, the two of us looked at each other with this gaze. He tilted his head to the side, and came a little close to me. Without a second of thought, I leaned in. We were kissing!! What was I doing? I couldn't believe that this was the second time that I was messing around with these two. Dr. James just didn't see that things were fair, because he was doing all the pleasuring and not getting anything in return. He asked us to return the favor. Dustin and I didn't have a problem with it, since we wanted to pass our physicals. The doctor stripped off all his clothes and climbed up on the table. Dustin went right to giving head, and I just stood next to him to let Dr. James rub my body. We switched places, and I gave the doc head for a while. The doctor told us that he wanted to fuck us, and there was no way that I wanted things to go that far. Dustin said that he wasn't gay, and that he wouldn't take a dick. However, he then said he would fuck Dr. James instead. I moved over to the side of the room by the wall, while Dr. James grabbed some lube and put his legs up in the air. Dustin put on a condom and moved in behind the doc. He slowly pushed his dick inside and was able to go pretty fast right away. Dr. James moaned and begged for more. Dustin held onto his legs and tried to pound the doctor even harder, since Dr. James was getting into it. Watching the two of them fuck, I had no idea that Dustin would ever fuck a dude before or was this horny. Calming down they were about to come to a stop, and Dr. James turned to me. He told me that it was my turn to get fucked. Hold up! I came out and told the doctor that I was straight, and that I wasn't down for getting fucked. He asked me if I wanted to pass my physical and stay on the team. Dustin told me to take one for the team in order to stay on. I felt like I had no choice, but to climb up on the table and put my legs up. As I did, I tried not to think about what I was about to do. Dustin leaned over me for a second and whispered that he was going to try and finger me first. Lubing up his finger he slowly pushed it inside, and could tell how tight I was. I breathed out loud, and tried to relax my whole body. They took me breathing out loud as liking it. Dustin dropped to the floor and I couldn't see his head any more. A sudden shock of sensation shot through my body from Dustin's tongue licking my asshole. That felt great! I could get into having someone lick my ass after that. Dr. James gave me head, and while he did that Dustin put his finger in my ass again. Gripping onto the table, Dustin put his dick in my ass and I was being fucked for the first time ever! Dustin was not gentle in that he went pretty fast, and I could here him moaning. I was trying to breath through the burning feeling coming from my ass. He kept up a good pace for a while, and he got a little tired. Pausing for a bit, we started to catch our breath. I wanted the fucking to be over, so I let out that I wanted Dustin to go faster. He started to pound my ass harder, and I played with the doctor's cock to keep me busy. I sucked on it as well, to really hide the pain and they couldn't tell. I told Dr. James that I wanted to see him shoot his load, and it took a minute. Dr. James came on my upper chest and I rubbed it into my skin. Dustin pulled out and jerked off for a second. He came right on my thigh next to my cock. There was no way that I was going to get off. Dr. James told us that we passed and to have a good season. He then had us get cleaned up, so he could see his next client.

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