Nelson's 3rd Visit
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After seeing Dr. Phingerphuk twice now at the clinic and having him try all these new things to me sexually has me thinking about getting fingered all the time now. I called him up to see if he would see me again. He put me on hold for a few minutes and when he answered the phone he told me to come in as the last visit of the day. I showed up right after school, and he took me back to the exam room. Doc wasted no time in getting started and he told me to take off my shirt. He noticed a difference in my lungs and could tell that I had stopped smoking since the last time that I was in. Maybe he just didn't smell it on my clothes, but he was taking notice in me and that was nice. Dr. Phingerphuk asked me to take off my pants very slowly. As I undid the button and slid them down to the floor, he just stood back and watched. My cock was already starting to get hard just pondering what could be coming next. The doc asked me if I had ever been bond or tied up before. That was something that I never would have thought to try or asked someone to do to me. Reaching behind the table he brought out some cuffs, and put them on my hands. Once they were in place and ready to go, he had me flip over onto my stomach. Rubbing and touching my ass he started very lightly. Within seconds he started slapping and spanking my ass. Dr. Phingerphuk was getting turned on by my tight ass. All of a sudden I heard this ripping noise, and then realized that it was my underwear. He touched my hole, and started to slid his finger over it through the hole he had torn. The doctor was dirty in that he started to spit on my asshole and would then play with my tight hole. Spanking me harder, he told me not to tell him what to do and then he started to hit even harder. Applying some lube I knew that doc was getting more turned on as he touched me. Pushing his finger up inside me he talked dirty to me at the same time. He made sure that he was able to get his finger all the way into my ass, and told me to beg for more. Finger fucking me, we even seemed to go to a rhythm together. Grabbing a toy off the counter, he stuck it in my ass, and told me not to fight it as he placed it in. Paying attention to my breathing he would push in when I breathed out. I fucked that toy like I wanted it deeper in my ass. Taking his hand off the toy he told me to keep it in my ass and not let it out. I became very tired, but he kept me moving without much of a pause. Getting up on my knees, he made me continue to ride the toy. That is when he noticed my rock hard cock that was jumping all around. He stroked me off a couple of times, but he didn't want me busting a nut from all the pleasure. He ordered me to flip over on my back and move to the end of the table. The doctor removed my underwear and then my glasses. He told me that he wanted to fuck me or even get all of his doctor buddies to fuck me in a train. Putting a mask on my face, he then gave me some medicine that made me relax completely. I felt like I was on cloud nine from the meds. Slapping me with the huge cock, he teased me into wanting him to stick it in. Working the toy in slowly he was impressed by how much I was able to take. I tried to get my hands free, but I couldn't. Stoking me off with one hand, and playing with the toy I was in pure pleasure. I yelled out that I was about to cum. I came on my stomach and was out of breath. The doctor's hand was covered in cum. Removing the toy I told him to go slow, and I made sure to follow the doctor's orders and breathe the whole time. Once it was out, my asshole was in shock from the feeling. Dr. Phingerphuk wiped his hands on my underwear and then shoved them in my face. He made me lick my cum off my underwear. Dr. Phingerphuk likes it dirty, and he told me to come back for another experiment really soon.

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