Zack & Derek's Follow Up
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Nurse Derek made me make an appointment to come back in to the clinic for a follow up visit when the doctor would be able to go over Derek's results of my physical. I got a call from one of the nurses confirming that I would be coming in later in the week. When I showed up for the exam I had to wait for a while before my name was called. Stepping into the exam room Derek was there along with Dr. James. The first thought that came to mind was if Derek told him what we had done during my exam. The doctor started out by having me take a seat on the exam table while he had Derek take some notes. Starting with my pulse, and blood pressure the doc seemed to be on a roll as far as getting through my physical. Removing my shirt Dr. James listened to my heart, and then he had me take off the rest of my clothes. As I was bare ass naked in front of the two of them, I took a seat so the doctor could check out my package. He started to feel around my cock, and even though it was a little weird I saw Derek touch his dick a couple of times. Turning over my temperature was the next thing the doctor wanted to take, and to do that he had me on all fours. Sticking the thermometer in my ass he moved it around a little bit. That was the first time I had ever had my temperature taken that way since I was little, but who in the hell remembers that? Measuring my limp cock, he told me that I am 4 inches long soft, and the same around. Dr. James asked me to get hard so that I could finish taking his readings. Slapping my dick around it was kind of funny, because that is something that always gets me hard. But, when some people see it, they're a little puzzled at what I am doing. After a while I just wasn't getting to my full potential of a boner. I asked if Derek could help me out a little bit, and the doctor said okayed. Derek stepped forward and we just started to kiss. Dr. James started sucking on my cock, so I felt like I was the center of attention. Derek had a hot ass body, and I couldn't stop myself from trying to get at his bare chest and cock. Nipple play was something that got Derek really turned on doing my first appointment at the clinic. I started to rub my finger lightly over his nipple. Taking a break, Dr. James had Derek give me head and right away I started to moan. Rubbing my chest, the doc watched and took in what was going on. I noticed that he had a big bulge in his pants, and I tried to help him out a little. The three of us seemed to just trade off doing things to one another. Stripping all of his clothes off nurse Derek, climbed up on the chair and I started to give him a blow job. After a while, I could tell the Derek was getting clothes to blowing his load. He started to pull away, but gripping tighter I pulled him in. Dr. James told us that it was time to changes things around, as he started to unbutton his shirt. Getting out of his clothes he took my place on the exam table and where I gave him head. At one point all three of us pumped our cocks to get off. I climbed my way up over the doc, because I always like to blow my load all over somebody. Dr. James was the first one to shot his load, and he came right up his chest. I came right after that, and I was so tired after that from all the jacking off that I did. Derek was a little late, but shot his load all over Dr. James as well. I got my clothes on and then I grabbed a rag to join in cleaning Dr. James off from all the cum that was sprayed on him. After that Derek said that he wanted to go out for Coffee, but I'm not looking to date. I just want to fuck the hottest guys I can find.

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