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My health has always been something that I take very seriously, and so I make it a point to get checked out on a regular basis. I went to my usual clinic to get checked out and the doctor was booked up for the rest of the week. I knew that I was going to be traveling for a couple weeks, so I agreed to just see one of their nurses. Following the nurse back to an exam room I was told to take a seat and someone would be right in. Well, that is always a lie. I believe that all doctors must make it a rule to make every patient wait for at least 10 minutes before coming in. Anyways finally, a young, guy nurse walks in and introduces himself as Nurse Intern Derek. Explaining to him that I am just in for a wellness check up, I wanted to make sure that I am still healthy. Right away, nurse Derek thought that he had seen me some where, and just couldn't match things up. What I failed to mention before was that I am a gay porn actor and that I have been on numerous websites, in DVDs, and magazines. Because, I have done so much work, I go to places and sometimes it can be the oddest of places and people will recognize my face. Probably the oddest place was that I was out a party in another state that was filled with jocks and gorgeous girls walking around in bras. Well, I went upstairs to take a leak, this guy follows me in, and slams the door shut behind him. I was ready to kick the shit out of him to make it out that door, but he dropped to his knees in front of me. Tearing my pants apart he got my jeans undone and whipped my cock out. I got a blow job from one of the hottest, football jocks, there at the party that was hiding in the closet. He swallowed my load when the time came and licked his lips. It was like he was in a dire need of cum. Returning to his feet he said he saw me online, and then threatened to kick the shit out of me if anyone ever found out as he walked out of the bathroom. Anyways back to Nurse Derek, the moment I was having was just like that one in that Derek was clearly coming on to me, because of the work that I had done. As Derek preformed my exam he made a couple of comments about my body, the size of my mouth, and that I looked better in person. After I was completely naked standing there in front of him, he examined my package with a latex glove on to see if he could find anything wrong. Derek had me take a seat back onto the exam table where he continued to examine my privates. As he was touching my dick he was looking at me with the look that I had gotten so many times before. He was getting turned on and I could tell that he wanted to get it on to prove that he was hotter, and better than the guys that he has seen me with. Well, he told me he was going to take my temperature, but instead he gripped his mouth around my dick. Giving me a blow job, he worked on getting me hard. Poking his head up he told me that I felt a little hot to him. I laughed, and Derek kept going. It does take a little while for me to get turned on with just foreplay, but Derek was the type of guys that I typically work with. Derek started to grab himself as he sucked on my dick and that was a turn on to watch. Knowing that he enjoyed sucking on my dick was getting him hard, in return was getting me rock hard. Taking a break, he came right up and put his lips against mine. They were soft, and he was a very good kisser. He only took a short break before going back to giving me head. Derek moved around the table and dropped his own pants as he climbed up on a chair. Standing there naked he put his cock in my face, and I returned the blow job that he so nicely gave me. I could feel his dick getting harder and thicker in my mouth the more that I moved my head. As he got turned on he started to talk dirty to me, and I find that a lot of guys secretly like to do that. Focusing the exam back on me, Derek got down and positioned my feet so that they were up in stir-ups. My dick was solid as a rock, and I just wanted to get off. He stroked using both hands that were moving at a good pace and I never had to tell him what to do. Climbing up on a step he got our cocks just an inch or so a part from one another, while he jerked us both off. I moaned, and tried to hold my load back as long as I could. Finally, I came on my stomach and for me it was a good size load, especially since I just got off the night before. Derek kept stroking his cock and shot his load all over my stomach as well, and I was covered in a mess of cum. This was like every other day of work that I went through. Derek got down, and then took a sample of my cum. He gave me another kiss and some stuff to get cleaned up with. He told me to come back to the clinic any time that I needed to get examined. I will have to add this to my interesting experiences of being a porn star.

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